Materials and Product Technologies II

Volumes 118-120

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Shi Jie Wang, Chi Zhang

Abstract: Zero-tooth-difference internal gear mechanism is applied in thrust-eccentric gear coupling designed particularly for oil-submerged motor...

Authors: Jia Qi Jin, Xing Yu Jiang, Feng Hui Li, Hui Li

Abstract: For large gear with the characteristic of large structure, quality and modulus, its profile precision is usually measured by in-site...

Authors: Xing Wei Sun, Wan Tao Liu, You Jun Zhang, Ke Wang

Abstract: The characteristic of servo system is an important data to influence the mechanical working properties of NC machine tool. In this paper,...

Authors: Ke Wang, Shu Qiang Wang, Xing Wei Sun

Abstract: According to the forming principle of equidistance curves, a mathematical model was concluded to calculate the curve contour of the cross...

Authors: Chang Zhong Hao, Dong Mei Ma

Abstract: Rolling technology is employed for the automated laser welding equipment to compensate for the clearance between the tailor-welded blanks...

Authors: Joseph I. Achebo, O. Oghoore

Abstract: A lot of research has been done regarding the vaporization rates of alloying elements in general. However, not as much has been done on...

Authors: Z.Y. Hu, Li Yang Xie

Abstract: A model of the optimal maintenance period for repairable product after warranty expiration under renewing warranty is proposed. In the...

Authors: Xing Yu Jiang, Shi Jie Wang, Jia Qi Jin, Wan Shan Wang

Abstract: To cope with the challenges of product quality design system applied in networked collaborative product development (NCPD), a new method of...

Authors: Yong Hua Li, Wen Zhong Zhao, Chun Ge Nie

Abstract: The hydraulic lifting system of 450t schnabel car is more complex variable geometry mechanism. A simple technique for solving variable...

Authors: Hassan Sharifi Bidgoli, Ramezan Ali Mahdavinejad

Abstract: Machine tools as a main device in manufacturing and production lines are widely used nearly in all branches of industries. Precision...


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