Materials and Product Technologies II

Volumes 118-120

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Wei Hua Zhu, Zuan Xi Zheng, Jin Zhi Feng, Hong Hui Xu, You Tao Wang, Lei Lei Lu

Abstract: This paper tends to find ways to replace aluminum alloy with a new kind of magnesium alloy for vehicle hubs, and also implements a dynamic...

Authors: Bai Chun Li, Wen Qiang Lin, La Mei Wang

Abstract: This paper designed experimental system and the corresponding multi-particle coal particles experiments. At the same time based on...

Authors: Hai Ou Lv

Abstract: In this paper, the wear mechanism of harmer head and plate of coal crusher of circulating fluidized boiler(CFB) is researched. In order to...

Authors: You Jun Zhang, Shi Jie Wang, Han Li

Abstract: Product Data Management (PDM) enables the management of the entire product lifecycle and related information about its design and its...

Authors: Chuang Shao, Claude Bathias, Danièle Wagner, Hua Tao

Abstract: Very high cycle fatigue behavior of high strength steel, were investigated using ultrasonic fatigue testing equipment at 20 kHz up to...

Authors: Zhen Ying Zhang, Rui Kang, Rui Liu, Zhe Han Xu

Abstract: Based on maintenance support activity, support-activity centered computation model of utilization of non-repairable spares is set up by...

Authors: Chen Guang Guo, Yong Xian Liu, Shou Ming Hou, Hua Long Xie

Abstract: Product information technology has been widely applied in manufacturing field, improved the rapid response ability of enterprises to the...

Authors: Lian Wan Zhang, Zhong Jun Yin, Xin Sun, Zhi Chao Tang

Abstract: This paper is based on the scientific modeling of large-scale elliptical vibrating screen which is widely used in many fields. Through the...

Authors: Hesham Gorshy, Xue Zheng Chu, Liang Gao, Hao Bo Qiu

Abstract: Ship design is a complex engineering effort required excellent coordination between the various disciplines and essentially applies...

Authors: Suo Xian Yuan, Xue Long Wen, Yao Man Zhang

Abstract: Modal analysis for the truss structures of machine tool is very important. based on ANSYS, according to the truss structures of machine...


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