Multi-Functional Materials and Structures III

Volumes 123-125

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Oleg Figovsky, Michael Ioelovich

Abstract: Beta–D-poly-glucopyranose is widespread class of the natural semi-crystalline polysaccharide known as cellulose. This polymer has...

Authors: Peng Li, Seon Hyeong Bae, Qing Yuan Zan, Nam Hoon Kim, Joong Hee Lee

Abstract: SDBS modified graphene was prepared by electrochemical method using Sodium dodecylbenzenesulfonate (SDBS) as electrolyte and graphite rod as...

Authors: Qin Zou, Ming Zhi Wang, Yan Guo Li

Abstract: Onion-like carbon (OLC) was fabricated by annealing nanodiamond at temperatures ranging from 500°C to 1400°C. At 800°C, nanodiamond was...

Authors: M. Tipu Sultan, Md. Arifur Rahman, Jahid M.M. Islam, Mubarak A. Khan, Nazia Rahman, Noor A. Alam, A.K.M.A. Hakim, M. Mohibul Alam

Abstract: Sodium Alginate/bentonite clay composites of different compositions were prepared by solution casting method. The electrical properties...

Authors: Yu Lian Wang, Guang Zhu, Xiao Ping Zou, Jin Cheng

Abstract: A simple direct synthesis method was used to synthesis SiC/SiO2 core–shell coaxial nanocables by thermal evaporation of the mixture powders...

Authors: In Jin Shon, Tae Wan Kim, Jung Mann Doh, Jin Kook Yoon, Kwon Il Na, In Yong Ko

Abstract: A dense nanostuctured Fe3Al was consolidated by high frequency induction heated sintering method within 2 minutes from mechanically...

Authors: Jian Bo Wu, Yao Lin Chen

Abstract: As the positive electrodes of Ni/MH batteries, the Ni(OH)2 Electrodes needs some additives to enhance their high power performance. In this...

Authors: Maria Milanova, Joana Zaharieva, Salzitsa Anastasova, Dimitar Todorovsky

Abstract: A short review of recent investigations of the authors on the Ru(II)-based optical oxygen sensors is presented focused on the influence of:...

Authors: Chanoknan Monthien, Kanjana Silikulrat, Gobwute Rujijanagul, Tawee Tunkasiri, Sittiporn Punyanitya, Anirut Raksujarit

Abstract: During recent years, there have been efforts in developing nanocrystalline bioceramics, to enhance their mechanical and biological...

Authors: D. Gnanasekaran, B.S.R. Reddy

Abstract: Polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxanes (POSS) possessing 7-oxanorbornene-5, 6-dicarboximide (POSS-ONDI) functionalized macromers are...


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