Material and Manufacturing Technology

Volumes 129-131

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Tai Hang Du, Jie Gao

Abstract: Aimed at the problem that the deformation resistance can’t be measured in the cold rolling processing and it influence the precision of...

Authors: Xiao Jing Wang, Xiao Dong Yang, Jun Peng Shao, Ji Hai Jiang

Abstract: In order to improve the low speed stationary of continuous rotary electro-hydraulic servo motor and avoid the pressure impact in the sealed...

Authors: Yao Xing Sun, Yi Xing Liu, Jiu Yin Pang

Abstract: The mechanics properties of P. ussuriensis Kom lumber compressed by rollers decreases a little, the loss of which in tangential compression...

Authors: Lu Lin

Abstract: To solve the deficiency of ant colony optimization as falling into local optimal solution easily, the paper proposes a dynamic globe...

Authors: S.R. Ning, Jun Gao, Y.G. Wang

Abstract: During the past decade a new class of magnetic materials-amorphous metals, has been under development. This material offers the potential...

Authors: Lu Lin

Abstract: Disaster, emergency and epidemic diseases occur often bring huge losses, these losses in large part due to the loss of emergency logistics...

Authors: Ming Zhang, Zhu Ding, Peng Liu, Ming Ke Wang, Feng Xing

Abstract: Phosphoaluminate cement (PAC) sets quickly and develops high early strength. As a novel cementitious material, its hydration mechanism and...

Authors: Lu Lin

Abstract: Based on systematically illustrating the current research of dynamic vehicle routing problem and one-off optimization strategies, the paper...

Authors: R. Shobha, K.R. Suresh, H.B. Niranjan, Kestur Gundappa Satyanarayana

Abstract: The aim of this paper is to prepare an in-situ composite of 6061 TiB2 particles using vortex method and study the chemical kinetics of the...

Authors: Pu Wan, Li Sha Wang, Qiao Lu, Fei Guan

Abstract: The virtual simulation laboratory supplements the traditional ones with its extension of ideas and space. Nowadays many universities offer...


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