Material and Manufacturing Technology

Volumes 129-131

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hai Hang Xu, Lei Zhong

Abstract: New shear and extensional viscosity models based on Fredrickson kinetic equation coupled with Dewitt constitutive equation were established...

Authors: Qing Ming Jia, Shao Yun Shan, Li Hong Jiang, Ya Ming Wang

Abstract: Size, shape and processing of the inorganic fillers are important for improving properties of nanocomposites. In this paper, a novel...

Authors: H. Asgarirad, S. Honary, P. Ebrahimi, M. Ruhi

Abstract: Various mixtures of different lubricants and preparation methods were investigated in order to find the best lubricant mixture for...

Authors: Zhi Wei Wang, Ling Qin Meng, Yan Qin Li, Yong Gao Li, De Hai Zhang

Abstract: Facing the ends warping of refrigerators door, a refrigerator door is simulated using finite element theory and ANSYS software. The enclosed...

Authors: Darwin Sebayang, Putrasari Yanuandri, Sulaiman B. Hasan, Pudji Untoro

Abstract: The irregular surface roughness morphology due to ultrasonic method was used approach for increasing the high surface area of substrate and...

Authors: Neng Wang

Abstract: Virtual enterprises not only help to improve the competitiveness of enterprises but also increase the risks that enterprises face. This...

Authors: Xia Wang, Shi Lei Sun

Abstract: .IT services outsourcing motives aroused the concern of many scholars at home and abroad, the paper-driven and theory-driven decision-making...

Authors: Rui Qiang Li

Abstract: As the internet and related technology matured gradually, it indicates a new era of electronic business. This article is developed with ASP...

Authors: Chi Jia Zou

Abstract: The measure to improve the performance of the wireless network channel is of great significance to the building in the wireless network. Due...

Authors: Xiao Qiang Jiang

Abstract: The article focuses on the research of a reliable data transmission extension protocol -- UDT based on UDP, the related implementation...


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