Material and Manufacturing Technology

Volumes 129-131

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Li Liu, Tie Jun Liu

Abstract: In order to know whether the ICT rotary detecting table can achieve its work requests, performance and structure characteristics of ICT...

Authors: Tian Hong Luo, Xin Fu Gan, Wen Jun Luo

Abstract: Tamper mechanism is one of the most important parts in all of Asphalt-pavers. In this article, the mathematical model of the tamper system...

Authors: Xiao Dong Yu, Hong Jun Xiang, Xiao Zhong Lou, Xiu Li Meng, Hui Jiang, Wei Dong Ji, Chang Qing Yang, Xian Zhu Sun

Abstract: Lubricating characteristics of sector cavity multi-pad hydrostatic thrust bearing are affected significantly by velocity, poor design can...

Authors: Kai Yuan Shi, Shu Bing Hu, Wen Xu, Qi Wen Huang

Abstract: Plasma beam is currently advisable and advantageous in surface modification for several reasons; for instants, high energy, portability and...

Authors: Shih Hsien Chang, Tzu Piao Tang, Kuo Tsung Huang, Jhewn Kuang Chen, Cheng Liang

Abstract: The aim of this paper is to investigate the effects of HIP treatment on 440C-TiC composite steel. In this study, AISI 440C stainless steel...

Authors: Jun Peng Shao, Chao Yin, Bo Wu, Zhong Wen Wang, Zhi Huang, Chong Li

Abstract: Hydrostatic center rack is an open type hydrostatic supporting equipment. In this paper, taking oil film of middle pillow of hydrostatic...

Authors: Hu Ran Liu

Abstract: Inspired from the serious plastic deformation of some gears with heavy power transmission in practical usage in metallurgical industry, we...

Authors: Suo Qing Yu, L.P. Zhao, A.B. Wang, H.C. Lin, J.J. Chen, G.D. Yao, Li Yong Ni

Abstract: Physical simulation was conducted on the process of upsetting cylinder between flat platens by using colorful plasticine. The results of the...

Authors: Feng Gao, Wang Guo Sheng, Liu Yun Yi, Ying Xin Ge, Wang Zhu Min

Abstract: The metallic magnesium by siliconthermic reducing method was studied by magnetite as raw materials. The Mg reduction rate, such as reduction...

Authors: Meng Chen, Zhe An Lu, Zhi Gang Ren, You Zou

Abstract: The flexural fatigue experiment of plain concrete (C) and Steel - Polypropylene Hybrid Fiber Reinforced Concrete (HFRC) is carried out to...


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