Material and Manufacturing Technology

Volumes 129-131

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: M.S. Ahmad Yasir, C.H. Che Hassan, A.G. Jaharah, M. Norhamidi, A.I. Gusri, A.Y. Zaid

Abstract: The effectiveness of the usage of coolant in high speed machining of highly reactive material like titanium and its alloys is still far away...

Authors: Hendi Saryanto, S. Khaerudini Deni, Pudji Untoro, Mat Husin Saleh, Darwin Sebayang

Abstract: The aim of this study is to determine the nanocrystalline size by using Williamson-Hall method of Fe80Cr20 powder which prepared by...

Authors: M.Z.A. Yazid, C.H. Che Hassan, A.G. Jaharah, A.I. Gusri, M.S. Ahmad Yasir

Abstract: This paper reports the results of an experimental works, where Inconel 718, a highly corrosive resistant, nickel-based super alloy, was...

Authors: Wei Yi He, Yi Lin Yin, Wei Zhong

Abstract: During a post-earthquake restoration and reconstruction process, a building material project could be initiated to respond the short supply...

Authors: Ya Fei Guo, Zheng Qin, Rong Hua Guo, Lei Ji

Abstract: For the dynamic and shortest path problem, a novel algorithm SH(simulate human) is designed by simulating the process of our searching path...

Authors: Yi Fei Jiang, Guo Feng Wu, Shu Ping Song, He Yu Chen, Jun Wen Pu

Abstract: A preparation method of Urea-formaldehyde performed polymer(UFP) with low molecular weight and high reactivity is presented. The UFP can...

Authors: Daavood Mirahmadi Khaki, A. Akbarzadeh, Amir Abedi

Abstract: Thermo mechanical processing and controlled rolling of microalloyed steel sheets are affected by several factors. In this investigation,...

Authors: Xiang Dong Ma, Xiao Ming Wu, Hai Xia Duan, Xing Ma, Tao Fu

Abstract: Nanosized β-tricalcium phosphate (TCP) material was produced in this study using a wet precipitation method and characterized by...

Authors: Darwin Sebayang, Firdianto Ade, Putrasari Yanuandri, Agustian Egi, Hendi Saryanto, Pudji Untoro

Abstract: The γ-alumina powder is a potential material for washcoat application. This paper shows the preparation of γ-alumina using ultrasonic...

Authors: H.Q. Yan, Q.Y. Wang

Abstract: Reinforced concrete construction is very common recently and extensively used both in industrial and commercial buildings. With the gradual...


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