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Authors: Jun Zhao, Hong Yan Zhai, Han Zhang, Xiang Nan Wu, Guo Xing Pang, Zhen Hua Wang
Abstract:An ultrafine microduplex structure was successfully produced through equal channel angular pressing (ECAP) at ambient temperature. According...
Authors: Yao Xing Sun, Gui Zhen Fang, Yi Xing Liu
Abstract:Waterborne preservative of DDAC and boride are used to impregnate P. ussuriensis Kom lumbers by roller compression under compression rates...
Authors: Ganapathi Padmavathi, M. Muthukumar, Suresh Kumar Thakur
Authors: Jie Liang, Shu Sheng Bi
Abstract:During the drilling of stacked materials, burrs forming on both the surface layer and the interlayer have some undesirable characters with...
Authors: Shu Ke Zhou, Mian Xing, Jing Zhang, Jun Wen Pu
Abstract:In this study, alkali preimpregnation was proved to be an pretreatment that could remove the hemicellulose effectively. Both the...
Authors: Xiao Dong Yang, Jun Peng Shao, Xiao Qiu Xu, Yun Fei Wang, Chao Yin, Hui Jiang
Abstract:According to the structure of workbench and base of heavy hydrostatic bearing which is applied in heavy equipment, thermal deformation...
Authors: Ying Lin Li, Man Liang Qiu, Lian He Yang
Abstract:In view of the defect and shortage in cutting path automatic optimization of 2D pattern pieces in current garment automatic cutter, a new...
Authors: Jia Zhong Xu, Ming Qiao, Wen Bo Zhang, Xin Ying Wang
Abstract:The external curing method is usually adopted as the traditional molding process of thermoset fiber composite shell, which places the wound...
Authors: Z.Y. Wang, Q.Y. Wang, W.X. Ouyang
Abstract:The yield line analysis method is adopted to develop expressions for predicting yield load of bolted I-section web as the connecting face...
Authors: Bo Wang, Tong Chen, Xue Feng Shu
Abstract:In this paper, dynamic properties of EMC were studied at different temperatures and different strain rates. Firstly EMC was investigated by...
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