Manufacturing Engineering and Automation I

Volumes 139-141

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hua Sun

Abstract: This article through analysing coupler's structure, involute spline's stress situation, the tooth face contact intensity, the tooth root...

Authors: Bi Qiang Yao

Abstract: The availability of efficient and accurate metamodel for optimization computation is crucial to the success of applications of robust...

Authors: Zhi Wei Wang, Ling Qin Meng, Wen Si Hao, E Zhang

Abstract: The different designs of rollers with varied convexity give different stress distribution and elastic deformation. It is directly related to...

Authors: Hu Ran Liu

Abstract: Based on the torsion deformation the gear body and the contact deformation of tooth surface, the fundamental equations of load of the gear...

Authors: Xiu Ting Zhao

Abstract: Ring rolling theory based on completion of the mold, rough and technical parameters of the design, application Abaqus software to build...

Authors: Xiu Shan Wang, Yan Li, Yong Chang Yu

Abstract: The geometrical error modeling of the numerically controlled (NC) lathe is the key technique to kinematics design, precision analysis and...

Authors: Xiao Yu Zhao, Yan Feng Xing, Bo Zhao

Abstract: This paper searched a way in order to solve relations between the structures and locking performances for vehicle safety-belt retractor,...

Authors: Yong Yang, Yu Ling Wang, Chang He Li

Abstract: Though a lot of research works have been done, some key technologies of finite element simulation have not been resolved completely. A...

Authors: Cheng Dong Xu, Chun Sheng Hu, Xiao Bo Cao

Abstract: For complex product design, many software and tools are used, and large scale intermediate data with heterogeneous formats and complex...

Authors: Yong Zhuo

Abstract: One of the fundamental innovations in the field of mechatronics is the direct material integration of mechanical and electronic functions...


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