Manufacturing Engineering and Automation I

Volumes 139-141

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Guo Hua Qin, Yu Ming Lu

Abstract: A workpiece will be subject to gravity and cutting forces during the machining operation. In order to resist external loads, multiple...

Authors: Guo Qiang Yuan, Cheng Rui Zhang, Yuan Cai Zhang, Ri Liang Liu

Abstract: STEP-NC provides a way for intelligent NC manufacturing and seamless connection of the computer systems in design and manufacturing...

Authors: Di Li, Jia Chuan Xu, Wen Qian Kang

Abstract: The analysis for die forging forming problems with finite element method can lose considerable accuracy due to severely distortional meshes....

Authors: Jing Sheng, Guang Guo Zhang, Hong Hua Zhang

Abstract: Metal machining simulation using finite element method (FEM) is extraordinarily complex. It is essential to develop a system so as to...

Authors: Sheng Fang Zhang, Chang Jun Ji, Zhi Hua Sha, Chen Hao Ma

Abstract: Aim at the communication problems of computer and NC machine tool, a practical DNC system is developed in this paper. A three-layer control...

Authors: Zhen Yu Liu, En Fu Liu

Abstract: To provide the orientation information of gear-boxes in the machining center, an algorithm was studied. The gear-box part was built based on...

Authors: Zhan Si Jiang, Hui Jiang

Abstract: In order to obtain well-distributed Pareto front with less number of high-fidelity analysis during simulation optimization, a Pareto...

Authors: Si Zhu Zhou, Chao Li, Tai Xing, Chun Bao Li

Abstract: On the basis of analyzing the structure of planetary gear reducer, this paper points out that it’s necessary to make use of optimization...

Authors: Ying Ying Chen, Wen Jie Feng, Ying Yang, Yong Du

Abstract: This paper develops an opened forging and divided flow process for spiral bevel gears. By the help of rigid-plastic finite-element software...

Authors: Chi Bing Hu, Fang Yong Tian, Yan Cang Jiang

Abstract: Based on the design theory of non-circular gears, using Visual Basic 6.0 Programming language secondary developed SolidWorks software, a...


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