Manufacturing Engineering and Automation I

Volumes 139-141

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xiu Ting Wei, Jing Cheng Liu, Qiang Du

Abstract: Combining the machining process simulation on UG NX software and the mathematically analysis, a new solving method for the tooth crest curve...

Authors: Xian Guo Cheng, Wei Jun Liu

Abstract: This paper presents an efficient method for deforming B-spline surfaces, based on the surface energy minimization. Firstly, using an analogy...

Authors: Ru Sheng Lu, Bin Yao, Bo Shi Yao, Ming Hui Chen

Abstract: On the basis of analyzing the geometric characteristics of the helical groove, the interfer -ometry method for its processing is discussed....

Authors: Jian Hua Tao, Fei Zhang, Xiao Chu Liu

Abstract: As general CAM software, PowerMill encounter some problems in NC programming for mould-electrode. This paper introduces a system which can...

Authors: Mian Hao Zhang

Abstract: Precision cutting, considering the time, cost and flexibility of the production, has been one of the major goals in manufacturing. Nowadays...

Authors: Dong Hai Su, Mei Yan Zhang, Tie Qiang Ma, Xiao Qiu Han, Chuan Zong Sun, Xiao Dong Wang

Abstract: In order to solve the engineering application problems of parametric rapidly in design of wind turbine tower, an automatic design method of...

Authors: Mao Fu Liu, Xiong Hua Guo, Hui Xian Han

Abstract: A design-analysis and simulation approach of complex ball-end cutter was proposed by using computer graphics and OpenGL control in this...

Authors: He Yang Sun, Ji Sheng Ma, Jia Jun Yao, Hai Ping Liu, Wei Li

Abstract: The Johnson-Cook yielding criteria model, the initial damage model and the progressive damage and failure constitute model have been...

Authors: Dong Ya Yang, Jun Gong

Abstract: A comprehensive tolerancing system is presented with its design principle, system architecture and key functions. The following functional...

Authors: Li Hua Zhang

Abstract: Digital composite structures definition is the basis for the data integration of CAD, CAE and CAM for composite structures. The key of...


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