Manufacturing Engineering and Automation I

Volumes 139-141

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Dun Ming Liao, Li Liang Chen, Jian Xin Zhou, Rui Xiang Liu

Abstract: The nonferrous alloy castings will be much demanded with the development of aerospace, light-weight weapons and automotive industry. Casting...

Authors: Zhong Quan Wang, Xiao Qun Luo, Jiang Min Hu, Zong Lin Yang

Abstract: Using ObjectARX, an integrated CAD/CAM software for steel tubular truss structures has been developed based on AutoCAD platform and Visual...

Authors: Xiu Hua Sui, De Jun Miao, Zheng Mao Feng

Abstract: The hydraulic cylinder is an actuator of hydraulic lifting system in the heavy tipper, which also plays an important role in unloading....

Authors: Fu Yun Liu, Ni Ya Lu, Bing Kuang

Abstract: To improve the design efficiency of product, the variant design method of assembly is researched. Firstly, the identifying and extracting...

Authors: Li Zhi Xiao, Bing Kuang, Fu Yun Liu, Mei Fa Huang, Jing Zhang

Abstract: Product variant design is one of the key technologies of Manufacturing Enterprise for responding market demand. During the product variant...

Authors: Chun Sheng Zhou, Wu Zhao, Kai Zhang

Abstract: In order to improve the logistic characteristics of products, a process of product innovative design for logistics is presented which is...

Authors: Tuo Li, Wu Zhao, Ying Zhang

Abstract: In order to study creative design technology based on multi-domain knowledge-driven, it has been proposed that a novel method of knowledge...

Authors: Kai Zhang, Wu Zhao, Chun Sheng Zhou

Abstract: It has been discussed in this paper that the necessity of knowledge support technology used in creative design of electromechanical...

Authors: Hui Guo, Ning Zhao, Hao Gao

Abstract: This paper proposes a modification method for tooth surface of face gear drive with a grinding worm on a numerical grinding machine. The...

Authors: Xiao Liang Bai, Shu Sheng Zhang, Yuan Kui Ma, Kai Xing Zhang

Abstract: Image processing algorithms are based on the idea that all pixels of it ranked over the orderly rows, which make the algorithms easier to be...


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