Manufacturing Engineering and Automation I

Volumes 139-141

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Kai Cheng, Tang Zheng Li, Guang Ming Li

Abstract: In allusion to the problem that the newly developed pumping units using for automotive power steering gear assembly can not clean the inside...

Authors: Wen Lei Sun, Yan Biao Zhang, Jian Guo

Abstract: This paper aims at the structures of heavy gas turbine rotor’s support, the analyze method of fluid-solid couple and that of thermal-solid...

Authors: Jian Ping Zhang, Yan Kun Jiang, Xin Liu, Zhe Lin Dong

Abstract: Aiming at a large marine diesel engine, a mathematical model for the 3-D elastohydrodynamic lubrication analysis of piston ring-cylinder...

Authors: Zhi Yong He, Qing Hua He

Abstract: A pressure pulsations reactive attenuator for controlling hydraulic system was investigated through theoretical and experimental means. The...

Authors: Yi Wang

Abstract: Mould-repair is an important task in the mould production and depends especially upon the experience of the engineer. It is much full of...

Authors: Qin Li, Hui Lin Wang, Fu Bao Li

Abstract: The pressure distributions in cavitations nozzle of three different structures were studied by Hydromechanics theory, the models and mashes...

Authors: Yu Bao Zhang, En Hui Zhang

Abstract: The collision characteristics of the truck fences are very important to occupant safety in car, when the car’s front collisions the tail of...

Authors: Ai Hua Tang, Ou Jian, Guo Hong Deng

Abstract: The multi-body system analysis has become one of the main simulation techniques to calculate the kinematics characteristics of a car...

Authors: Liang Pei Huang, Zheng Li Gong, Wen Hui Yue

Abstract: The mechanical equipment faults result from parts failure in the period of service time, due to reassembly and maintenance, the reliability...

Authors: Dian Xin Li, Hong Lin Zhao, Xian Long Liu, Shan Jun Zheng, Dai Geng, Shi Min Zhang

Abstract: According to the demand of exploiting the poor-thin oil layer in Daqing oilfield, Y422 retrievable fracture bridge plug is designed. Match...


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