Smart Materials and Intelligent Systems, SMIS2010

Volumes 143-144

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yan Hua Ren

Abstract: To improve the efficiency and effectiveness traditional algorithm which still has some shortcomings, this paper combines with the advantages...

Authors: Xin Qiang Ma, Yi Huang, Bo Lv

Abstract: With the help of enterprise information technology wave, a lot of internal information resources have come out. Enterprise search achieves...

Authors: Hang Ying Lou, Guo Zheng Wang

Abstract: In order to make clear the basic law of college students’ athletic trauma, This paper made a survey through random sampling. As the result...

Authors: Jun Yi, Hong Ming Yang, Ming Yong Lai, Shu Kui Li

Abstract: In this paper,it proposes insulator flashover probability prediction model based on Markov chain and ARMA-GARCH. It provides a foundation...

Authors: Hai Yan Wu

Abstract: Information management professional is a comprehensive and practical characterized disciplines. students graduate from the professional...

Authors: Shu Xian Zhu, Bang Fu Wang, Xue Li Zhu, Sheng Hui Guo

Abstract: PLC dynamically adjusts power voltage by controlling switches of transformers with different combinations, which is based on the theory of...

Authors: Qiu Sun Ye

Abstract: In mathematics science, subtraction is rather simple computation of arithmetic. However, no matter what advanced computer in the world, and...

Authors: Qiu Sun Ye

Abstract: This paper promotes an AI-VCR technology of searching without information. VCR is an extension of FCR(Fixed Carrying Rules) which is also...

Authors: Qiu Sun Ye

Abstract: An optional spatial 3D material solid reality picture may be showed on a 2D showing plane, its surface is commonly consisted of too many...

Authors: Peng Fei Liu, Shou Bin Dong, Yi Cheng Cao, Zheng Ping Du

Abstract: DBioSearch is a distributed model optimized for indexing next-generation exploding sequence data including the human genome and other...


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