Smart Materials and Intelligent Systems, SMIS2010

Volumes 143-144

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Cai Mei Wang, Yi Min Guo, Ya Jun Guo, Yan Hua Guo

Abstract: This paper proposes a novel entropy-based metric for evaluating silent cascade which is a prevalent trajectory privacy preserving method in...

Authors: Gui Fen Zhao

Abstract: The integration of DL and distance education is a significant topic of theoretical and practical research. This paper mainly discusses the...

Authors: Gui Fen Zhao

Abstract: Digital library construction needs knowledge organization technologies support. In this paper, we probe into the technologies from three...

Authors: Ning Bo Cheng, Li Wen Guan, Li Ping Wang, Jian Han

Abstract: This paper proposes a simple method dealing with chattering phenomenon of sliding mode control. Instead of using a linear function to smooth...

Authors: Jun Li, Zhi Ming Qu

Abstract: Using the theory of explosion mechanics and gas detonation dynamics and the conservation law of mass, momentum and energy, the physical and...

Authors: Dong Ping Li, Zhi Ming Qu

Abstract: The networking approach to the World Wide Web is defined not only by the exploration of architecture, but also by the confirmed need for...

Authors: Yan Fei Ma, Jie Lu, Xue Dong Feng

Abstract: The volatilization process of oil with uniform size media as underlying material was studied. The weight loss of oil was determined by...

Authors: Shi Tao Yan, Jian Ping Wang, Xiao Ying Wu

Abstract: SMS is the widely used service of mobile telephony technology. SMSCs developed by different companies use their own communication protocol...

Authors: Ming Zhang, Ting Ting Zhang, Song Chen Han

Abstract: Airway network planning has important value to ensure safe and decrease the flight cost. Consideration to economic benefits of the airlines...

Authors: Jin Cheng Ding

Abstract: The itaconic acid polymers of low molecular weights were prepared from itaconic acid wastes. The waste solution was distillated under vacuum...


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