Smart Materials and Intelligent Systems, SMIS2010

Volumes 143-144

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ting Gang Zhao, Yan Tang Liang, He Ping Ma

Abstract: Chebyshev-Legendre pseudo-spectral method was applied to resolve the modified Kawahara equation. The proposed approach is based on...

Authors: Xiao Li Zhang, Da Kai Liang, Jie Zeng

Abstract: A wavelength tunable optical filter based on a fiber Bragg grating using piezoelectric bimorph is realized in this paper, and the tuning...

Authors: Liang Xiao, Fan Wang

Abstract: Distribution tasks have typical feature of context dependence. Attaining the mission-related dynamic context information service timely and...

Authors: Bao Jian Zhang, Yan Wei Zhang, Jun Hui Fu

Abstract: . During the software developing, more and more software designments are failed because of the requirements change. Requirements change has...

Authors: Hong Lin Zhang, Chun Yuan Zhang, Dong Liu, Ying Hong Wang

Abstract: The cut sequence describes the failure mode of the dynamic system, whose dynamic behaviors make the generation of cut sequence set very...

Authors: Qi Hong, Li Zhi Gu, Xiao Hui Yu

Abstract: Green manufacturing is the embodiment of the strategy for sustainable development of human society in the field of manufacturing sector. The...

Authors: Xiao Ge Li, Xing Bin Ma, Shu Yan Gong

Abstract: Based on the view of technical economics, improve on the agricultural value-added model through the introduction of new variables; format...

Authors: Lei Zhu, Jing Yang

Abstract: During the processing of handwritten Chinese characters recognition, pretreatment and segmentation has great effect to the recognition. On...

Authors: Fu Gui Chen, Bao Jian Zhang, Jun Hui Fu

Abstract: Based on the database of cotton boil spoiling disease in Xinxiang, a computerized intelligent expert system was established by using the...

Authors: Zhan Fei Ma

Abstract: Immune-SoftMan (ISM), a new concept, is an immune intelligent entity. ISM lives and acts in the computer network environment. It has great...


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