Smart Materials and Intelligent Systems, SMIS2010

Volumes 143-144

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Li Zhao Liu, Xiao Jing Hu, Tian Hua Zhang, Ying Wang, Mao Qing Li

Abstract: To solve the problem of construction for stream cipher key generator and the problem of SSC/SSSC stream ciphers need to relay on the secret...

Authors: En Yang Wang, Masaki Omiya

Abstract: The strain rate sensitivity of polypropylene syntactic foams with polymer microballoons in the relative density from 0.5 to 0.8 is studied...

Authors: Yi Cao, Hui Zhou, Bao Kun Li, Shen Long, Meng Si Liu

Abstract: This paper mainly addresses the principle of the singularity elimination of the Stewart parallel platform. By adding appropriate redundant...

Authors: Yi Cao, Xuan Yao Wang, Hui Zhou, Shen Long, Meng Si Liu

Abstract: The dynamic model of a 6-DOF wire-driven parallel manipulator is established, based on influence coefficient method for wire-driven parallel...

Authors: Ying Jun Wang, Chen Ping Zhao, Guo Hong Gao

Abstract: Take AT80C51 microcontroller as the control core, an intelligent mini car is designed and the testing result on its function is given. The...

Authors: Jin Dong Zhang, Zhen Hai Gao, Qin Lin

Abstract: In this paper a specific construction method based on the NS-2 software environment was studied to simulate the inter-car communication and...

Authors: Jin Dong Zhang, Zhen Hai Gao

Abstract: For improve the driving safety and the technology development of inter-vehicle communication, the communication system of supply two...

Authors: Jun Hui Fu, Jing Qiao Lv, Xue Yong Li

Abstract: This article describes the working principle of search engine and classification, analyze the characteristics of intelligent search engine,...

Authors: Xu Hao

Abstract: As one of the key applied forms on Internet, E-commerce has been growing at a very high speed in China in recent years. Starting from the...

Authors: Yi Xing Shao, Zu Hua Liao, Lian Wu, Shu Cao

Abstract: In 2009, Zuhua Liao and his students induced rough sets into inclines. They put forward the concepts of upper and lower approximations of a...


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