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Authors: Le You Zhang, Yu Pu Hu, Qing Wu
Abstract:A mobile ad hoc network has the computational and energy constraints, the general threshold cryptography does not suit it. In this paper, we...
Authors: Ting Ting Li, Xing Liu, Rui Wang
Abstract:Healing agents significantly affect the efficiency of healing microcracks, which produced from life-time service in composites. And...
Authors: Li Sun, Yan Ning Zhang, Miao Ma, Guang Jian Tian
Abstract:The plasma time-activity curve is often required as the input function for dynamic quantitative FDG PET studies to estimate the metabolic...
Authors: Xiao Man Liu, Chang Jun He, Hui Jian Li, Hai Yan Peng
Abstract:The durability is very important in the research and application of polymers and their composites under different environmental conditions....
Authors: Li Li, Yong Huang, Bing Liang
Abstract:Although the students of science and engineering both take C-language course, their teaching goals must be of great distinction, for there is...
Authors: Jing Zhang, Xiang Zhang, Jie Zhang
Abstract:Image segmentation is an important means of the implementation of image analysis. The existing segmentation methods have their own advantages...
Authors: Rui Zhang, Jun Hu, Lin Ping Huang
Abstract:With economic globalization, the modern logistics industry has been considered as a key of the national economic development. Based on...
Authors: Qing Wu, Li Xing Yuan
Abstract:In this paper, we propose an algorithm to find centers of clusters based on adjustable entropy technique. A completely differentiable...
Authors: Takuma Kobayashi, Masaki Omiya
Abstract:After obtaining a way to fabricate IPMC actuator with palladium electrodes, the deformation of IPMC actuator behavior is evaluated under...
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