Smart Materials and Intelligent Systems, SMIS2010

Volumes 143-144

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Wen Li Wang, Wei Lian Qu, Jie He

Abstract: This paper proposes a new method to calculate the wind-induced dynamic stress response of guyed mast earplate node, which considering the...

Authors: Xia Wang, Shi Lei Sun

Abstract: With outsourcing and the software market competition intensifies, software alliance and outsourcing of the organization for the enterprise,...

Authors: Qing Lin Huang, Chang Fa Xiao, Xiao Yu Hu

Abstract: In the present study, Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) porous hollow fiber membranes were prepared by PTFE concentrated suspension with the...

Authors: Chang Liu, Kun He, Ji Liu Zhou, Yan Li Zhu

Abstract: Facial Expression recognition based on Non-negative Matrix Factorization (NMF) requires the object images should be vectorized. The...

Authors: Jia Jun Li, Li Ping Qin, Jia Zhao

Abstract: To achieve low costs and better accuracy of individual risk assessments, we constructed a practical method based on multiple classifiers....

Authors: Jun Wei Song

Abstract: : According to the research on whole curves of strain-stress of concrete materials, the paper illustrates in evidence features of stages and...

Authors: Gui Yang Liu, Jun Ming Guo, Bao Sen Wang

Abstract: Pure and highly crystalline spinel LiMn2O4 has been successfully prepared by a modified solution combustion synthesis (MSC) method at 400oC...

Authors: Yan Li Zhu, Jun Chen, Pei Xin Qu

Abstract: The paper proposes a novel discriminant non-negative matrix factorization algorithm and applies it to facial expression recognition. Unlike...

Authors: Guo Bing, Qin Lan, Wei Biao

Abstract: In order to design and fabricate the flexible force sensor , we have researched the piezoresistivity of silicon rubber/ carbon black...

Authors: Xiao Ying Wu, Li Juan Ma, Zhao Feng Li, Shi Tao Yan

Abstract: This paper solves that image segmentation result is not consistent with human visual perception or too broken. First of all, based on the...


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