New Materials and Advanced Materials

Volumes 152-153

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jing Quan Yang, Zheng Wang, Jin Hui Wu, Li Mei Hao, Tao Tian, Song Lin

Abstract: Use of an air filter material combined with antibacterial agents is one of the most effective methods to resolve the problem of air filter...

Authors: Lu Zhu, Wei Lin Xu

Abstract: Surface modification of plasma treatment was employed to improve the interface between silk fibroin (SF) powder and polyurethane (PU) in...

Authors: Hu Jun Jia, Yin Tang Yang, Chang Chun Chai

Abstract: Ohmic contact testing structures have been prepared on n type 4H-SiC layer with different multiple-layer metal, such as Ti/Ni/Au, Cr/Ni/Au...

Authors: Ya Mei Dong, Yong Wei Jin, Zhen Jia Zhang

Abstract: A new microorganism immobilization method involving preparation and gelation of waterborne polyurethane (WPU) was developed. The WPU...

Authors: Wen Bin Dong, Di Liu, Jin Yang, Xian Meng Xu

Abstract: The adsorption and desorption efficiencies on flavonoids and polyphenols from Eucommia ulmoides leaves by different resins were...

Authors: Shi Chao Xu, Heng Miao, Yue Qian Yang, Ji Mei Zhang, Hong Jun Li, Zhao Dai, Guo Zheng, Juan Yang, Bo Sun, Tie Lin Feng, Yan Zi

Abstract: We presented a fast, specific, and sensitive DNA sensing system, which composed of a CdTe/Fe3O4 magnetic core-shell quantum dots (energy...

Authors: Shih Feng Kao, Yu Shiang Wu, Chi Jan Huang

Abstract: This study tested four types of fireproof and stuffing materials, including firestop sheets, silicone fire barrier sealant, mineral wool...

Authors: Mei Gen Deng, Ying Fang Chen

Abstract: KMnO4 and MnSO4 were used to prepare MnO2 nanowires for supercapacitors hydrothermal synthesis method. Scanning electron microscope (SEM),...

Authors: Shu Juan Dai, Zhi Gang Hu, Li Mei Bai, Da Lv, Shu Yong Yang

Abstract: The grade of MgO of crude improves to 63.22% from 61.33% using brucite in liaoning province as the material by winnowing. The surface of...

Authors: Song Lei, Jun Sheng Wang, Min Gang Shen, Xue Bo Chen, Sheng Li Li

Abstract: The vacuum flat bed filter is important equipment for the cold strip rolling because the surface quality of cold rolled strip is paid more...


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