New Materials and Advanced Materials

Volumes 152-153

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jing Guo, Nan Zheng, Sen Zhang

Abstract: 3-hydroxybutyrate-co-4-hydroxybutyrate [P(3HB-4HB)] is one of polyhydroxyalkanoates which is biodegradable and biocompatible, and is one of...

Authors: Bai Yang Lou, Pei Hua Li, Le Guo Li

Abstract: The main causes of segment failure of diamond saw blade are studied in this paper. The segment material, the microstructure and the wear...

Authors: Qun Jie Xu, Xiao Jin Zhou, Qiao Xia Li, Jin Guang Li, Yu Zeng Zhao

Abstract: The Ru/C nanocomposites with loading of 20wt% were prepared by ethylene glycol in the presence of XC-72. Carbon-supported Ru nanoparticles...

Authors: Xue Hui Zhao, Zhen Quan Bai, Kai Lin, Yan Han

Abstract: Today’s global exploration of oil and gas leads to a range of highly corrosive environment that, in turn, require corrosion resistant high...

Authors: Jian Gang Niu, Hai En Xiang, Xiao Ping Dong, Li Guan, Fei Xie

Abstract: First-principles calculations were performed to study the relative stabilities of YNi2 and YMgNi4.The calculated results show that YMgNi4...

Authors: Kong Yin Zhao, Jun Fu Wei, Jin Yang Zhou, Yi Ping Zhao, Guo Xiang Cheng

Abstract: Calcium phosphate/polyacrylate/alginate hybrid polymer microspheres with bovine serum albumin (BSA) embedded and coated on the surface were...

Authors: Pei Wang, Lian Liu, Zhi Yong Wei, Qiang Xu, Min Qi

Abstract: A new poly(ester amide)s (PEA) derived from L-lactic acid and L- phenylalanine have been synthesized by melting copolymerization with...

Authors: Qing Xia Zhu, Wei Hui Jiang, Qiong Qiong Xu

Abstract: Carbonated hydroxyapatite (CHA) was synthesized by solid-ion-exchange reaction of hydroxyapatite (HA) powders in CO2 atmosphere. The effects...

Authors: Qing Hao Yang, Guang Xu Cheng, Zhi Cheng Zhang

Abstract: In an effort to seek poly(vinyl formal) (PVFM) foams based wound dressing pad material, a series of foamed PVFM materials have been...

Authors: Bao Qiang Wang, Liang Liang Yang

Abstract: To get higher rate of medicinal active ingredients of Tibetan medicine, the high-energy ultrasonic extraction technology is used. But the...


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