New Materials and Advanced Materials

Volumes 152-153

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xiao Yan Long, Xue Gang Luo, Neng Wu Zou, Yong Hong Ma

Abstract: Konjac Glucomannan(KGM) was denatured by Carboxylmethylation to prepare Carboxymethyl konjac glucomannan(CMKGM) as coating material of...

Authors: Fu Bin Liu, Man Yao, Peng Bo Zhang, Ji Jun Zhao

Abstract: The temperature and strain distributions of the mockup composed of Be, Cu-alloy with distinct structural material (SS316L and China Low...

Authors: Qing Duan Meng, Qing Song Lin, Xiao Lei Zhang, Wei Guo Sun

Abstract: Two-step method is used to research stress and its distribution in 64×64 InSb infrared focal plane array (IRFPA) employing finite element...

Authors: An Na Wang, Li Gen Wu, Lin Lu Jia, Xiu Ling Li, Yu Dan Sun

Abstract: Tea polyphenol loaded alginate-chitosan microspheres were prepared by ionic gelation method for controlling tea polyphenol release by using...

Authors: Li Gen Wu, An Na Wang, Lin Lu Jia, Xiu Ling Li, Yu Dan Sun, Xiang Ying Xu

Abstract: Two fractions, such as Fr1-3 and Fr2-2, were obtain after separating and purifing crude kiwifruit glycoprotein by using Sepharose Cl-6B gel...

Authors: Hong Xin Wang, Zheng Xiang Xue, Mei Hong Wei, Deng Long Chen, Min Li

Abstract: As a new biomaterial, recombinant spider silk protein has attracted much attention in tissue engineering. The pNSR-16/ BL21(DE3)pLysS...

Authors: Zheng Liu, Xiao Mei Liu, Wei Min Mao

Abstract: The semi-solid A356 alloy slurry is prepared by slightly electromagnetic stirring with Ti-based refiner. The effects of the refiner on the...

Authors: Li Yang, Gang Li

Abstract: To improve the wear resistance of ductile cast iron, plasma beam remelt-solidified hardening on the surface is adopted. Scanning electron...

Authors: Yan Li, Jie Qi, Rui Rui Fan, Chuan Xin Zhai, Chun Hua Xu

Abstract: TiNbSn alloy has high specific strength, low modulus of elasticity, excellent corrosion resistance, no side effects, such as toxic and...

Authors: Li Yang, Na Zhang

Abstract: The particle-reinforced composite solder is prepared by adding 1 μm Ag, 1 μm Ni and 8 μm Cu into Sn0.7Cu eutectic solder which serve as the...


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