New Materials and Advanced Materials

Volumes 152-153

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Wu Hua Yuan, Bai Ling An

Abstract: Proper homogenization, solution and aging technologies of the Al-Zn-Mg-Cu-La alloy were studied in this paper. After 46 /24h homogenization,...

Authors: Lan Zhu Ren, Yang Fang, Ao Li, Hong Xing Zhang

Abstract: Based on analyzing the thermodynamic processes in the cylinder when the engine is working, the combustion characteristic of the refined...

Authors: Tao Zhang, Yan Zhang

Abstract: All kinds advanced technology is used by enterprises to accelerate product’s developm- ent when facing heavily market competition. It...

Authors: Xiao Hua Wei, Hong Xing Zhang, Lan Zhu Ren, Yang Fang

Abstract: At present almost all low-speed diesel engines burn heavy fuel oil or low-quality fuel oil, the viscosity, low calorific value and...

Authors: Ying Jun Pan, Mi Tan, Wen Jun Wang, Shen Zhu Xuan

Abstract: A new TiCN-coated aluminum foil for capacitor was prepared by multi-arc ion plating method. The effects of cooling process and mass flow...

Authors: Hua Lan Zhou, Zhong Zou, Sha Wu, Wen Jian Shi

Abstract: Ordered nanostructure arrangement directly from solution onto surface is one of the important methods to synthesis advanced materials. In...

Authors: Ju Zhang, Chang Wang Yan, Jin Qing Jia

Abstract: In the joint core regions of steel reinforced ultra high strength concrete frame, the forces are complicated. In seismic area or under some...

Authors: Cui Feng Du, Hong Shuang Li, Xiao Song Shi

Abstract: In this paper, aimed at the characteristic of the coal heap spontaneous combustion, the coal heap inhibitor component was initially...

Authors: Cui Feng Du, Jian Hua Du, Hong Shuang Li

Abstract: Formula and field experiments of road dust suppressant were conducted. The optimal formula of dust suppressant was developed through...

Authors: Hai Yan Ma, Hong Fa Yu, Wen Tao Cao, Kang Bai, Peng Zhou, Li Juan Han

Abstract: Influence of glycol, which is the main composition of the most frequently used aircraft dicer, on the freeze-thaw durability of Portland...


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