Advanced Manufacturing Technology, ICAMMP 2010

Volumes 156-157

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Lei Chen, Ming Ran Deng, Zheng Feng Jiang

Abstract: Parts information of steel bridge with tens of thousands of parts is difficult to be managed and be executed statistics. On the platform of...

Authors: Song Sheng Li, Hua Wei Mao, Ping Chen, Xiao Huang, Xiao Yang Chen

Abstract: It is important to build the models for calculating the cutting-forces in high-speed machining, but it is difficult as the special test-bed...

Authors: Bing He, Feng Lin Liu, Bi Bi

Abstract: Circle, line and circular arc are the common basic elements in industrial computed tomography (ICT) image. The algorithm of recognizing such...

Authors: Fu Hong Zeng, Lan Hua Zhou

Abstract: In order to meet the requirements of product design and find suitable combination of within a short time, the concept of Knowledge-body...

Authors: Hua Quan Yang, Xia Chen, Yun Dong

Abstract: In order to obtain the effect of fibers on fractural property of mass concrete, it had investigated physical performance, elastic modulus...

Authors: Lei Lin Yu, Zhi Qiang Lu, Li Feng Xi, Zhan Wan, Lin Li

Abstract: The increase of container shipment causes higher demand on the seaport container terminals, container logistics and management. How to...

Authors: Jia Jing Fan, Ding Zhong Feng

Abstract: Cellular Manufacturing is taken into account with advancing of the production mode of multi-product and small batch. Cellular Manufacturing...

Authors: Xiang Ren

Abstract: Cantilever installation is a construction method of which is often used in the construction of Concrete Oblique-pulling truss bridge. For...

Authors: Dong Zhao, Xue Kai Liu, Hui Tan

Abstract: The vibration energy dissipation theory of a self-force-amplifier dry friction damper has been discussed detail in this paper. The research...

Authors: Ji Bin Ding

Abstract: Automotive transmission is one of the key components of automotive, and the design quality of transmission can affect the driving...


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