Advanced Manufacturing Technology, ICAMMP 2010

Volumes 156-157

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Dong Liang Lu, Yu Yan Hu, Tao Lin, Yu Liu, Bo Wang, Yan Hui Sun, Hong Yu Chen, Qian Shu Li

Abstract: Solar grade silicon (SoG-Si) is the key material for photovoltaic applications. In this study, the silicon grain size, concentration of HF,...

Authors: Jun Ran Feng, Xing Dai, Yong Zhi Cheng, Cai Hua Xiong

Abstract: This paper presents an efficient tool path plan for machining the impeller with a 5-axis numerically controlled machine. A method of...

Authors: Yi Shang Zhang, Bin Zhao, Yong Shou Liu, Zhu Feng Yue

Abstract: A reliability-based multidisciplinary design optimization (RBMDO) frame work for Centrifugal compressor was presented. Multidisciplinary...

Authors: Ning Ma, Ping Hu, Zong Hua Zhang

Abstract: A new type of metal composite material can be manufactured by controlling heating temperature and designing the layout of cooling pipes in...

Authors: Ze Peng Wang, Qian Xiang Ji

Abstract: A simulation model is established base on ANSYS software in line with the generating mechanism of the rolling resistance, and then the...

Authors: Guo Ying Zeng, Deng Feng Zhao

Abstract: Based on micro-fluid control, a rapid metal forming method with high efficiency is proposed. At first, the basic principal is introduced....

Authors: Xiao Mei Shang, Jie Chen, Zhong Yi Wang

Abstract: Today, high technology is transforming traditional industry. The science, suitable measuring technique and data application method are the...

Authors: Yi Zhou, Gong Xun Li, Jia Xu Wang

Abstract: A finite element model of a water lubricated rubber bearings system is established by using ABAQUS software. A complex eigenvalue analysis...

Authors: Bo Chen

Abstract: Thermal design, finite element analysis and experiment verification of a satellite borne power amplifier are introduced in this paper. Some...

Authors: Ying Chun Hu, Yi Zhi Hu, Hui Xun Li, Jun Yan Hou

Abstract: In the process of Finite Element Analysis (FEA) of mechanical structural system, the bolt pretension was often simulated in bolt fastening...


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