Advanced Manufacturing Technology, ICAMMP 2010

Volumes 156-157

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ching Ming Cheng, Yao Hsu, Wen Fang Wu

Abstract: When designing the capacitance of a Multi-Layer Ceramic Capacitor (MLCC), engineers used to focus on the way to find appropriate combination...

Authors: Shuang Gao, Bing Wang, Lei Lei Zhu, Wei Han, Hong Chen, Yong Feng Li

Abstract: This study investigated the impact of five organic loading rates (OLRs) ranging from 16 kg COD/m3-d to 32 kg COD/m3-d on the performance of...

Authors: Jian Bin Wang, Ji Shu Yin, Bing Huang Chen

Abstract: Discussed in detail using BP neural network to establish the quantitative relationship model between the process parameters and components...

Authors: Yu Lan Tang, Xiao Wei Bi, Hong Sun, Jin Xiang Fu, Man Peng, Hui Fen Zou

Abstract: Electricity can be generated during the wastewater treatment by microbial fuel cell (MFC). Effect of the anode pretreatment method, anode...

Authors: Rui Lin Lin, Qiang Hui Zhong

Abstract: Long-life electronic products need to be put in stress environment for long durations in traditional ESS(environmental stress screening)...

Authors: Li Juan Zhao, Qing Zhong Guan

Abstract: The paper introduces the modeling process of space assembly relations of bits and bit-holders of roadheader cutting heads. Through the...

Authors: Feng Feng Li, Ming Xi Zhang, Yi Shen, Qing Hui Wang, Zhi Gang Liu

Abstract: Mn2+-doped zinc borosilicate glasses (ZSBM) with excellent long-lasting phosphore- scence (RTSLLP) and photostimulated long-lasting...

Authors: Shu Xia Sun, Gang Cun Sun, Le Tang, Xiao Nan Zhang

Abstract: Utilizing finite element software, an universal program has been worked out by the APDL, and it can output the heat dissipating capacity of...

Authors: Li Gang Cai, Shi Ming Ma, Zhi Feng Liu, Qiang Cheng, Yong Sheng Zhao

Abstract: The heavy load deflection angle milling head is an important functional component of 5-axis CNC machine tool, which is used for large and...

Authors: Zhi Qiang Liu, Qing Li Yang, Chu Shu Zhang, Jie Sun, Yan Zhang, Shi Qing Wang

Abstract: Orthogonal test method was applied to optimize the ultrasonic extraction of proanthocyanidin from peanut skin. On the basis of single factor...


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