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Abstract:This paper has been published in Advanced Materials Research Volumes 148 - 149, pp 544
Authors: Ting Liang Guo, Jun Liu
Abstract:In this paper, puts forward a kind of design method of multi-disciplinary engineering education for product design and development. In...
Authors: Yu Ling Yao, Bao Jun Wang, Hai Hong Xin
Abstract:Product is divided into four types which are hardware, software, processing material and service. Processing material is one typical kind of...
Authors: Xuan Luo, Shi Jie Wang, Xiao Ren Lv, Hao Sun
Abstract:The optimal output speed of ESPCP system is caused by the coupling of multi-factors and it is a typical nonlinear optimization problem. A...
Authors: Xiao Liang Jia, Jun Hao Geng, Li Jiang Huang
Abstract:In order to solve problems of long product development cycle, low collaborative work efficiency in complex product manufacturing firm, the...
Authors: Su Bo Ren, Ming Hua Bai
Abstract:In order to solve arching and air leakage problems of sintering machine, based on the mechanical analysis to arching phenomenon, the...
Authors: Zhan Yinɡ Liu, Yu Qian Wang, Xin Lu, Jin Chen
Abstract:Rub of roll and strip has effect on the texture form of surface strip, in IF steel rolling. The <110>//ND density decreased in surface strip...
Authors: Ping Huai Mao, Nan Nan Xu
Abstract:Based on the ANSYS Software the hammer mill’s hammer applied lasers coating is feasible analysis. At first the paper describes the overall...
Authors: Deng Feng Zhao, Guo Lu Ma, Guo Ying Zeng
Abstract:Optimization method was applied to obtain optimal television packaging cushion for reducing drop impact response on television. At first, by...
Authors: Yao Yu, Xiao Ming Qian
Abstract:With the purpose of clothing thermal-wet comfort, this paper chooses clothing materials to be the object of study. The research focuses on...
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