Materials Science and Engineering Applications

Volumes 160-162

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Tian You Kang, Yu Yan Xiu, Bo Xu, Chun Zhong Liu, Wei Ping Tong

Abstract: The reactions between Cu and the eutectic SnBi (Sn58wt.%Bi) solder alloy with and without 1wt.%Ni addition were investigated in this paper....

Authors: Li Li Yu, Jin Zhen Cao, Zhen Zhong Tang

Abstract: Chinese fir (Cunninghamia lanceolata Hook.) and Mongolian Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris Linn. var. mongolica Litv.) with dimension of...

Authors: Xue Ling Fan, Wen Jun Qin

Abstract: Finite element simulation of stress distribution of thermal barrier coating system (TBCs) is presented. Two dimensional periodic unit cells...

Authors: Yang Li, Zhen Luo, Nai Feng Fan, Wen Bo Xuan

Abstract: Since the nucleation of resistance spot welding is a close and invisible process, it is difficult to monitor its nucleation quality...

Authors: Qiong Hou, Jie Luo, Sui Lian Luo, Hong Zhu, Guang Shi

Abstract: White light emitting polymers were synthesized through incorporating of low-band gap red light emitting...

Authors: J.W. Zhang, Zhen Luo, Y.L. Li, J.D. Zhu, J. Hao

Abstract: A simple and reliable welding method was developed to weld carbon nanotubes with the power supply here. The carbon nanotubes were...

Authors: Hua Chang Wang, Zhu Qing Lv, Zhi Gang Li

Abstract: Due to the similarities between electrode model and their CNC machining process, process design could be finished efficiently using the...

Authors: Yu Kun Zhao, Ji Hong Yang, Qing An Li

Abstract: Rapid drawdown of water level is one of the most important factors that influencing the embankment stability. Based on the principle of...

Authors: Jian Hong Wang, Pei Kang Bai, Zhen Lin Zhang, Yu Xin Li

Abstract: Silica particles coated with PA12 by emulsion polymerization were used as fillers to reinforce PA12 based composites prepared by selective...

Authors: Qiong Hou, Lin Tao Hou, Jie Luo, Nai Yuan Li, Hong Zhu, Guang Shi

Abstract: We have developed efficient pure white- and red-light-emitting polymers through incorporating of low-band gap orange-light-emitting...


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