Advances in Structures

Volumes 163-167

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Rui Zhang, Hong Liang Li

Abstract: In modern municipal construction and earthquake engineering, semi-cylindrical gap and shallow-buried cavity structure are used widely. In...

Authors: Chong Yang Li, De Min Wei

Abstract: Large-span cantilevered roofs are wind sensitive structures, this paper presents the finding of large eddy simulation(LES) of turbulent wind...

Authors: Jun Teng, Hu Bing Tu, Huan Lin Mao, Ying Liang Qiu

Abstract: As an important seismic analysis method, Pushover is widely used in high-rise buildings, while there is still lack of investigation on...

Authors: Dong Mei Huang, Le Dong Zhu, Qiu Fen Wang

Abstract: With vibration amplitude increasing, the super high-rise building appears obvious pseudo-beat vibration under the combination of...

Authors: Zhi Hua Nie, Hong Bing Liu, Kai Liu

Abstract: The traditional analysis method about dynamic characteristics with frame structures was building story models instead of structures. In this...

Authors: Zhong Quan Zou, Li Ping Zhou, Guo Jing He

Abstract: Energy-based modal pushover analysis method has been proved to be an appropriate approach to perform seismic analysis for structures whose...

Authors: Ying Zhou, Qi Lin Zhang

Abstract: This paper presents the results of full-scale numerical wind tunnel tests of wind pressure on structure roofs with suspension solar panels....

Authors: Ying Lei, Chao Liu, Yong Qiang Jiang

Abstract: In this paper, a system identification approach is proposed for high-rise building under unknown seismic excitation with limited output...

Authors: Xiao Song Ren, Yu Fei Tao

Abstract: The main seismic objective in China is defined as “no failure under minor earthquake, repairable damage under moderate earthquake and no...

Authors: Mei Ling Xiao, Liao Yuan Ye, Yun Fen Li, Yan Li

Abstract: This study proposed a wavelet method for estimating seismic energy in single-degree-of-freedom (SDOF) structure. With the recent development...


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