Advances in Structures

Volumes 163-167

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xian Tang Zhang, Ai Rong Chen, Chen Wang, Kang Ning Gao

Abstract: Based on practice engineering and model test, and considering different bridge elevation, elevation of sea bed, and the different wave...

Authors: Xin Zhong Zhang, Ai Hong Han, Zong Liang Wu, Chong Wang

Abstract: In this paper, seismic elastic and plastic responses of base-isolated structure are investigated, in which the bilinear restore-force model...

Authors: Dong Qiang Xu, Xue Yong Wang, Mei Mei He

Abstract: In this paper, the spatial analysis model of non-symmetrical special-shaped column is established in ANSYS, and then, the translational and...

Authors: Xiao Dong Lv, Xing Fei Yuan, Lian Zhou

Abstract: Wind-induced response was investigated on the chimney of a 100MW solar thermal power station. Firstly, dynamic characteristic of the chimney...

Authors: Fu You Xu, Bin Bin Li, Cai Liang Huang, Zhe Zhang

Abstract: Long-span flexible bridges are always challenged by fierce wind load, and the wind with extreme-attack-angle may be a potential danger to...

Authors: Fu You Xu, Yong Ning Li, Zhi Xing Lin, Zhe Zhang

Abstract: The vortex resonance characteristics of one typical streamlined bridge girder are studied using surface pressure measuring technique. Based...

Authors: Xi Chen, Fu You Xu, Wen Liang Qiu, Zhe Zhang

Abstract: Active Mass Damper has been proven to be efficient in suppressing structure vibration. Previous studies of AMD have been concentrated on the...

Authors: Ting Ting Wang, Qing Shan Yang

Abstract: Nonlinear eddy viscosity models have received significant interest because of the shortcomings of linear eddy viscosity models used in the...

Authors: Wei Guo, Zhi Wu Yu, Zhen Guo

Abstract: Long-span structure is a more common structural style in the public buildings, and its seismic response often differs from other structures...

Authors: Chang Hai Zhai, Xiao Min Wang, Shuang Li, Li Li Xie

Abstract: In Wenchuan Earthquake, masonry-infilled frames have the quite critical failures. In this paper, the reason of the failure phenomenon is...


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