Advances in Structures

Volumes 163-167

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hai Xu Yang, Hai Biao Wang, Bao Kuan Li, Jian Gang Yao

Abstract: The dynamic analysis of earthquake responses of one simple bridge structure supported by hinged and rolled bearing and another simple bridge...

Authors: Yan Li Guo, Xing You Yao

Abstract: According to anti-seismic design principle of strong column and weak beam, and of strong joint and weak member, reduced beam section (RSB)...

Authors: Zhi Gang Chen

Abstract: The dynamic stress concentration on quadratic and U-shaped cavities in half space, which are similar to the cross-section of the tunnels, is...

Authors: El Katt Mohamad, Shaker Raafat, Kassem Younis

Abstract: Control of cable-stayed bridge flutter for earthquake and aerodynamic hazard mitigation represents a relatively new area of research. This...

Authors: Di Wu, Ying Sun, Yue Wu

Abstract: Taking Harbin west railway station as the researching object, the wind load distribution as well as its effects, which are widely used in...

Authors: Wen Bo Bao, Yu Yong Hu, Yang Cui

Abstract: Wind is an important and complex load and an important basis in the structural analysis and the design of high-rise structure. Based on...

Authors: Jing Zhang, Duixian Gao, Zhiwei Chen

Abstract: Study the calculation method of equivalent damping ratio in Capacity Spectrum Method. Analyzing the feature of several methods for the...

Authors: Feng Miao, Lei Shi, Zhe Zhang

Abstract: Base on the elastic-plastic analytical theory, an elastic-plastic time-history analysis of self-anchored cable-stayed suspension bridge,...

Authors: Min Sheng Guan, Da Jian Han, Hong Biao Du, Xin Wang

Abstract: Earthquake input energy and structural energy dissipation are key indicators to assess the seismic performance of structures. To study the...

Authors: Li Yang

Abstract: The wind environment simulation analysis on planning scheme with computer is still in the exploratory phase. In this paper, the research...


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