Advances in Structures

Volumes 163-167

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ai Rong Liu, Qi Cai Yu, Yuan Yao, Yu Zhu Guo

Abstract: This paper investigated the superelasticity and hysteresis characteristics of TiNi shape memory alloy ( SMA ) wire at room temperature, then...

Authors: Yu Lin Deng, Xiong Jun He

Abstract: For a long-span suspension bridge, owing to a flexible structure system, the seismic displacement at the end of the deck may severely exceed...

Authors: Wei Bing Hu, Qian Li

Abstract: In this paper, on the basis of the existing research and Matlab, scientific computing software, and through the characteristics of the...

Authors: Wen Bo Bao, Yang Cui, Yu Yong Hu

Abstract: In order to reveal the structural dynamic characteristics in natural wind, multi-dimensional random wind load of tall building is simulated...

Authors: Cheng Qi Wang, Zheng Liang Li, Zhi Tao Yan, Qi Ke Wei

Abstract: Wind load on complex-shape building, the wind tunnel test and numerical simulation were carried out. The two technologies supplement each...

Authors: Ben Yan Lu, Bo Quan Liu, Ming Liu, Guo Hua Xing

Abstract: Earthquake codes have been revised and updated in recent years. The issue and implementation of the guidelines for seismic design of bridges...

Authors: Hai Liang Wang, Xin Lei Yang, Quan Chang Ren, Peng Dong

Abstract: The concrete-filled steel tube (CFST) member has many advantages compared with the ordinary structural member made of steel or reinforced...

Authors: Li Hua Zou, Kai Huang, Wei Zhang, Yu Rao, Li Yuan Wang

Abstract: A new seismic isolation system,namely the prestress rubber isolator(PRI,Chinese patent application number:200910174415x),is introduced.The...

Authors: Zhi Xin Yan, Tai Bao, Hou Yu Wang

Abstract: A blast-induced seismic wave is an instantaneous, complicated wave different from natural seismic wave. It has characteristics such as high...

Authors: Yong Qin Lei, Yong Feng Du

Abstract: Aimed to base-isolated building with large plane dimension, the change laws of seismic response for base-isolated building under spatial...


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