Advances in Structures

Volumes 163-167

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Bo Wen, Di Tao Niu

Abstract: The nonlinear dynamic response analysis of substation with structure-equipments interaction is studied in this paper. The results comparing...

Authors: Jin Hui Liu, Wan Tao Ding

Abstract: Based on isolation theory, time-history analysis on isolation system with limiting displacement protective devices was studied by Fortran...

Authors: Bu Yu Jia, Xiao Lin Yu, Heng Bin Zheng, Quan Sheng Yan, Wei Li

Abstract: In this paper, first order reliability method (FORM) is generalized to the seismic reliability analysis of long-span bridges and the first...

Authors: Chang Ping Yi, Wen Bo Lu, Ling Feng, Gang Wang

Abstract: The wave function expansion method is used to analyze the interaction process of the blasting seismic wave and the adjacent circular tunnel...

Authors: Jin Song Lei, Qing Ma, Bo Xue

Abstract: Dynamic characteristics and seismic response for unequal height double-tower structure models were analyzed by finite element software. The...

Authors: Pei Zhen Li, Da Ming Zeng, Sheng Long Cui, Xi Lin Lu

Abstract: Using the parameter identification method of analysis on the test records of soil acceleration and pore water pressure from the shaking...

Authors: Jiang Chun Hu, Ya Dong Bian, Hong Fang Wang

Abstract: In order to forecast the vibration affecting the nearby buildings, the analysis methods that the adjacent buildings are influenced due to...

Authors: Chao Ying Zhou, Peng Xie, Wen Ying Ji

Abstract: Rain-wind induced vibration (RWIV) is a violent oscillation that appears on cable stayed bridge under rainy weather. Many researchers agree...

Authors: Ling Ling Jia, Yang Han

Abstract: In order to study the dynamic of the pier under seismic and wave action , based on fluid mechanics principle , A FEM model and dynamic...

Authors: Ying Na Mu, Lei Shi, Zhe Zhang

Abstract: Because the traditional pushover analysis can not take the contributions of higher modes into account, To overcome this limitation, a modal...


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