Advances in Building Materials, ICSBM 2011

Volumes 168-170

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xu Dong Quan, Wei Min Feng, Guo Sheng Liao

Abstract: This paper studied the compound modified asphalt which was made of crumb rubber modified asphalt, and some chemical modifier were added.The...

Authors: Xiao Qiang Dong, Xiao Hong Bai

Abstract: Cemented soil resistivity is one of its inherent properties which can be used to detect its unconfined compressive strength and polluted...

Authors: Zhi Qin Du, Wei Sun

Abstract: The effect of different quantity of air-entraining agent on the impermeability of cement-based materials are studied in this paper....

Authors: Hua Tang

Abstract: The unconfined compressive strength, deformability and water stability of clay soil consolidator were investigated; the results were...

Authors: Xiang Guo Li, Xiao Bo Yin, Bao Guo Ma, Bei Wu, Quanbin Chen, Yang Lv

Abstract: Compressive strength, setting time, hydration heat and hydration product were investigated to evaluate the effects of Zn2+ ion...

Authors: Qiang Ma, Tao Wang

Abstract: Water content has important influences on the compression strength of mortar material. It is necessary to consider these influences when...

Authors: Xia Ping Liu, Shu Tang, Chun Hui Tang, Zuo Yong Yang, Zuo Sun

Abstract: This paper deals with the ultimate load capacity test on 14 short columns of separation concrete-filled steel tubes (CFST) which are...

Authors: Wei Shi, Xiao Wen Chen, Jun Jie Yang, Jin Han

Abstract: Through unconfined compressive strength tests and triaxial compression tests made by sea water wet fly ash, fly ash solidified by cement,...

Authors: Xiao Dong Li, Xiu Li Wang

Abstract: The application of Buckling Restrained Braces(BRBs) in the frame structure becomes mature, but relevant research hasn’t reported for...

Authors: Shu Hui Dong, Yong Ge, Bao Sheng Zhang, Jie Yuan

Abstract: To understand the impacting law of lightweight aggregate moisture content on the cement paste pore structure and its relationship with...


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