Advances in Building Materials, ICSBM 2011

Volumes 168-170

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Li Ping Wen, Su Li Wang, Xu Ping Zhu

Abstract: Taking the design of composite soil-nailing in deep foundation pit in complex surroundings for example, the paper discusses numerical...

Authors: Hui Mei Zhang, Geng She Yang

Abstract: Considering the heterogeneous characteristics of rock at mesoscopic level, the damage propagation constitutive relation and evolution...

Authors: Li Jun Yang, Wen Hui Bai, Bin Xiang Sun, Shuang Jie Wang, Jin Zhao Zhang

Abstract: For the construction of the proposed Qinghai-Tibet Express Highway in warm and ice-rich permafrost regions, it will be necessary to utilize...

Authors: Zhi Fang Zhao, Zhi Gang Zhao, Xiao Jie Feng, Ming Li

Abstract: The cohesive crack model is widely employed to the fracture analysis of concrete for mode I crack. The tension softening relationship is a...

Authors: Ming Zhou, Xin Tang Wang, Wan Zhen Wang

Abstract: Mechanical behavior and bearing capacity of ordinary concrete filled steel tubular short column (NCSSC) and ceramsite concrete filled steel...

Authors: Xin Tang Wang, Hai Jiang Wang, Ming Zhou

Abstract: Compared with ordinary concrete composite floor, profiled sheet-ceramsite concrete composite floor(PSCCF) has the advantages of lighter...

Authors: Shun Qun Li, Ling Xia Gao, Shou Xi Chai

Abstract: Vacuum freeze drying method is applied to prepare samples for SEM from one-dimensional consolidation clay which suffered different pressures...

Authors: Tian Jun Liu, Guan Feng An, Hong Bin Zhang

Abstract: Simulating traffic loading, the high liquid limit clay specimens and the low liquid limit clay specimens of the Pearl River delta are...

Authors: Jia Fan Zhang

Abstract: To the inclined rectangle plate subjected to forces acting longitudinally and laterally, the analytical solution of deflection, stress and...

Authors: Ru Mu, Wen Ling Tian, Yong Gang Guo

Abstract: A modified version of an existing drying shrinkage model developed by the authors is proposed which incorporates the influence of the...


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