Advances in Building Materials, ICSBM 2011

Volumes 168-170

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yan Lei Wang, Qing Duo Hao, Jin Ping Ou

Abstract: A new form of fiber reinforced polymer (FRP)-concrete composite beam is proposed in this study. The proposed composite beam consists of a...

Authors: Feng Xia Li, Bu Xin

Abstract: Most steel beam-column connections actually show semi-rigid deformation behavior that can contribute substantially to overall displacements...

Authors: Yang Hang Shi, De Hai Yu

Abstract: Based on the study results of stone-performance and on-site observation for years,this paper introduces the main points in earthquake-proof...

Authors: Guang Lin Yuan, Jing Wei Zhang, Jian Wen Chen, Dan Yu Zhu

Abstract: This paper makes an experimental study of mechanical properties of high-strength pumpcrete under fire, and the effects of heating rate,...

Authors: P.L. Ng, I.Y.T. Ng, Wilson Wai Sin Fung, Jia Jian Chen, A.K.H. Kwan

Abstract: Owing to the less exothermic pozzolanic reaction of pulverized fuel ash (PFA) compared to cement hydration, the addition of PFA can reduce...

Authors: Xian Yan Zhou, Jing Hao Li, Zhong Feng Zhang, Wan Xi Peng

Abstract: This thesis aims to select the optimal assemble patterns of wood species for structural lumber for wood-based bridge by analysing the...

Authors: Feng Chen Zhang, De Jian Shen, Ji Kai Zhou, Zhong Hua Li

Abstract: Cement hydration at early age is sometimes in a certain thermal environment probably caused by hydration heat of mass concrete as well as...

Authors: Wei Chen, Tao Jiao, Xue Wei Li

Abstract: With the attributes of low strength, serious denudation and crack easily, Xigeda soil is unique in Pan-xi Region and currently is widely...

Authors: Dan Zheng, Xin Xin Li

Abstract: The elastic modulus of saturate concrete is investigated in this paper. Based on micromechanics of composite materials, the elastic modulus...

Authors: Lei Yang, Yi Zhu He, Xiao Min Yuan

Abstract: This paper proposes an integrated model for the prediction of the pass-by-pass evolution of the austenite grain size of the ribbed steel bar...


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