Advances in Building Materials, ICSBM 2011

Volumes 168-170

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Chun Qi Lian, Zhu Ge Yan, Simon Beecham

Abstract: With the increasing popularity of pervious concrete as a pavement material, researchers and concrete manufacturers have paid more attention...

Authors: Xing Qiang Zhang, Xing Fei Yuan, Li Min Li

Abstract: The solar chimney power station is a renewable energy system consisting of solar collector, wind turbine, and chimney. To improve the...

Authors: Wen Qing Zhao, Dong Xiao Niu

Abstract: A new method for transformer fault diagnosis based on cluster analysis and statistical theory is presented. First, the fault diagnosis...

Authors: Xiao Fan Liu, Xiao Zhou Sheng, Ji Xiang Li, Yun Xia Lun

Abstract: In order to study the effect of fibers to the anti-crack performance of the concrete, sixteen different plat restraint specimens with four...

Authors: Hua Zhang, Tian Bo Peng, Jian Zhong Li, Wen Xiao Li

Abstract: FRP (fiber reinforce polymer) rubber bearing is a novel isolator improved from traditional laminated rubber bearing. Several specimens were...

Authors: Qing Jun Ding, Xiu Lin Huang, Hua Sun, Kun Yang

Abstract: Industrial wastewater sludge contains a certain amount of heavy metals, which will cause environmental pollution. In this paper high Cr, Zn...

Authors: Dong Wei Shu, Iram Raza Ahmad

Abstract: There is a fast moving trend towards using lightweight materials in automotive, aerospace, building and construction, body armour and...

Authors: Guo Xin Chen, Wei Gang Feng, Wei Huang

Abstract: The work presented in this paper focuses on the molding technical and mechanical properties of cotton stalk block. Cotton stalk block is a...

Authors: Albert K.H. Kwan, J. J. Chen, Wilson W. S. Fung, Leo G. Li

Abstract: The packing density of the powder in cement paste has great influence on the performance of the concrete. A higher packing density could at...

Authors: Ying Cao, Jin Peng Yang

Abstract: This paper introduces performances and characteristics of concrete bar-type plank, a new type of building materials, through detailed...


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