Advances in Building Materials, ICSBM 2011

Volumes 168-170

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Shu Hui Zhang, Zhi Qiang Kang, Qing Lu

Abstract: Foam glass composite with good capabilities was prepared from iron ore tailings as the main material by two steps. The phase composition and...

Authors: Shan Yao, Ji Wen Zhang, Yong Ming Tu

Abstract: The clearance requirement of civil air defense work is a critical question; existing design will lead higher cost and the inconvenience in...

Authors: Shan Yao, Ji Wen Zhang, Yong Ming Tu

Abstract: This paper begins by discussing the need for damage mitigation for building structures under performance-based design by Wenchuan...

Authors: Yaw Nan Shieh, Ping Chen Hsieh, Chang Jin Chen

Abstract: The aim of this study is to develop an inexpensive method for preparing transparent and heat insulating tin oxide film. Antimony-doped tin...

Authors: Ying Peng, Jian Hua Liu, Xun Pu Hu

Abstract: The toughening for UPR composite effect of rigid nano-particles was studied. By the tensile test, it was confirmed that with the increase of...

Authors: Zong Ping Chen, Ni Wang, Shi Qian Zhang, Shu Fang Zheng

Abstract: In order to study the mechanical behavior of recycled fine aggregate mortar, 11 kinds of different recycled fine aggregate replacement rate...

Authors: Chao Hui Wang, Xiao Hua Gu, Jian Hong Liu, Xue Wei Ba

Abstract: In this paper two different thermal storage material were respectively covered by polymer layer, inorganic layer and simple way to join the...

Authors: Li Hua Zhao, Pu Liu, Xian Bin Ai, Xin Lu, Hao Bai, Da Qiang Cang, Qi Tang, Shu Long Zheng

Abstract: The utilization of steel slag as resource is very important in the circle economy of metallurgy industry. Because the composition of steel...

Authors: Cun Zhou, Xin Jin, Wen Yu Wang

Abstract: UHMWPE fibers have widely application, but the poor adhesion to polymer matrix limit its development. Polymerization of vapor phase pyrrole...

Authors: Yang Wei, Shen Xue Jiang, Qing Fang Lv, Qi Sheng Zhang, Li Bin Wang, Zhi Tao Lv

Abstract: Bamboo structures have a good performance like wooden structures. The flexural performance of glued laminated bamboo beams for bamboo...


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