Advances in Building Materials, ICSBM 2011

Volumes 168-170

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: You Kou Dong, Jun Jie Zheng, Jun Zhang

Abstract: A DEM-FDM coupling model was established in this paper to study flow and failure mechanism of cushions with different thickness in rigid...

Authors: Zhe Wang, Si Fa Xu, Li Li Yan, Ping Guo, Qian Chen

Abstract: Solidified sludge as backfill material exists serious phenomenon of shrinkage and cracking, and the project's strength, permeability and...

Authors: Jing Shuang Zhang, Qin Yong Ma, Xing Teng Han

Abstract: According to dry-mixed materials of shotcrete which composed of raw materials in mix proportion the concrete quality as field mixing were...

Authors: Jie Sun

Abstract: The ultra high performance concrete is a new cement-based composite material with ultra-high mechanical properties, excellent durability and...

Authors: Zu Min Qiu, Yan Yan Zeng, Zhong Wei Liu

Abstract: This paper related to the recycling of banknote printing wastewater, using which as raw materials, a low cost interior latex coatings has...

Authors: Wen Yang Li, Chun Juan Pan, Yu Ming Men

Abstract: Based on surveys of buildings passing through ground fissures, failure and deformation characteristics of buildings are analyzed. Failure...

Authors: Ji Wen Zhang, Wen Jie Ge, Hang Dai, Yong Ming Tu

Abstract: In order to investigate the flexural behavior of concrete beam reinforced with 500MPa fine grain high steel bars, four rectangle...

Authors: Hai Qing Yang, Xiao Ping Zhou

Abstract: The phenomena of Damage localization, which characterized as the rock mass suddenly enter into the deformation localization stage after a...

Authors: Yu Dong Wang, Xiao Chun Fan, Chun Lin Xiang, Hua Liu

Abstract: Temperature and elastic modulus of mass steel fiber concrete change as time in casting process. If not well handled, it is easy to crack in...

Authors: Zhi Min He, Jun Zhe Liu, Tian Hong Wang

Abstract: In precast concrete elements manufacturing, steam-cured concrete incorprating 30% mineral admixtures encountered the problem of too low...


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