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Authors: Qiang Chen, Wei Tao Chen, Guo Wei Meng
Abstract:Lots of primary or secondary structural planes in similar soil surrounding rock are the main difference with Quaternary soil surrounding...
Authors: Ye Ran Zhu, Jun Cai, Dong Wang, Guo Hong Huang
Abstract:This paper investigates the mechanical properties (compressive strength, splitting tensile strength and flexural toughness) of polypropylene...
Authors: Wen Bin Sun
Abstract:Fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) tube-encased concrete columns represent a formwork-free, steel-free, and corrosion-resistant alternative for a...
Authors: Xiao Yong Zhou, Bing Shuang Xu, Na Li
Abstract:The application of FRP materials in civil engineering is now a hot spot in the research and development of the international civil...
Authors: Xia Chen, Hua Quan Yang, Shi Hua Zhou, Jian Jun Yan
Abstract:The advanced Temperature and Stress Test Machine was introduced to evaluate the cracking resistance of concrete with inclusion of light-burnt...
Authors: Xiu Li Du, Zuo Hu Wang, Jing Bo Liu
Abstract:Fiber reinforced polymer (FRP), particularly those incorporating carbon fiber (CFRP), has high strength, high stiffness-to-weight ratio and...
Authors: Qiang Cui, Zhen Hua Zhang
Abstract:In the underground repositories, the microstructure change of surrounding rock mass under the chemical reaction will cause the porosity...
Authors: We Long Yu, Jian Zhang, Xiu Hua Sun, Rui Lin Hu, Xin Wei
Abstract:Estimating passive earth pressure accurately is very important when designing retaining wall. Based on the unified strength theory and plane...
Authors: Lan Li
Abstract:In this article, the notion of orthogonal nonseparable four-dimensional wavelet packets which is the generalizaion of orthogonal univariate...
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