Advances in Materials and Systems Technologies

Volumes 18-19

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: E.T. Aisien, F.A. Aisien

Abstract: The effects of detergent on the microbiological changes of cassava for fufu production were investigated for a period of 72hr....

Authors: F.A. Maunde, M.A. Ali, A. El Okene, S.A. Iya

Abstract: Comparative evaluation of kinematics and ergonomic studies of traditional and motorized kneading methods for extraction of groundnut oil...

Authors: F.A. Maunde, M.A. Ali, A. El Okene, B.B. Riji

Abstract: Two varieties of cowpea namely indigenous brown (Variety A) and RMP- 12 (Sampea -10) white (Variety B) were collected and their...

Authors: A.V. Ikujenlola, Benjamin O. Opawale

Abstract: Freshly harvested cassava(Manihot esculenta) roots were processed into selected products( gari, ‘pupuru’, ‘Lafun’, chips and starch) using...

Authors: I.O. Ogunleye, S.B. Adeyemo, M.B. Adeyemi

Abstract: A moisture-measuring device for the determination of percentage moisture content of cassava particulate on dry basis during drying process...

Authors: F.B. Okokon, Mathew A. Oduh, N.A. Akpan

Abstract: The force required to shell melon seed by static loading techniques was investigated with an experimental rig machine. Melon seeds were...

Authors: O.J. Alamu, P.O. Aiyedun, A. Kareem, M.A. Waheed

Abstract: The effects of material geometry on some rolling parameters have been studied. In a recent work, geometrical variation was introduced into...


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