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Authors: M.K. Oduola, V. Tokarev, Stanislav Voronov
Authors: M.A. Olutoye, F. Aberuagba, J.O. Odigure
Authors: F.E. Okieimen, I.O. Bakare
Abstract:Polyurethane samples were prepared from rubber seed oil monoglyceride (made by reacting rubber oil with glycerol) and diiosocyanates...
Authors: E.J. Eterigho, M.A. Olutoye
Abstract:The physical properties of some Nigerian clays were studied in order to determine their suitability for a variety of industrial...
Authors: Anthony O. Inegbenebor, A.D. Ogbevire, A.I. Inegbenebor
Abstract:Compression test specimens were produced from the composite material of fibre reinforced polymer (FRP). These specimens were tested on the...
Authors: John A. Akpobi, C.O. Edobor
Abstract:In this paper, a finite elment-eigenvalue method is formulated to solve the finite element models of time dependent temperature field...
Authors: E. Steve Adewole, O.A. Olafuyi
Abstract:This paper compares the pressure drop profiles of both horizontal well producer and injector in a 5spot waterflood pattern. Dimensionless...
Authors: E. Steve Adewole, B.M. Rai
Abstract:The stability of gas injection in a layered reservoir drilled with lateral wells, is studied using a generalized pressure...
Authors: Babs Mufutau Oyeneyin, Phil Burge, Lisa Hogg, Chris Anderson
Abstract:Well engineers face ever increasing technical challenge of drilling in complex environments and the use of Managed Pressure Drilling(MPD)...
Authors: Babs Mufutau Oyeneyin, Said Mufarji, Donald Igwegbu
Abstract:Formation impairment due to fines migration during drilling and production continues to cause injectivity or inflow reduction. In high...
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