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Authors: Babs Mufutau Oyeneyin, Babatunde Moriwawon, Gbenga Folorunso Oluyemi, Chris Macleod, John Owens
Authors: Saïdou Madougou, F. Made, M.S. Boukary, G. Sissoko
Abstract:In this work, the influence of magnetic field on I-V characteristics of bifacial silicon solar cell n+-p-p+ structure is studied under...
Authors: P.A. Okereke, Odim O. Odim
Abstract:The achievement of energy efficiency in the building sub-sector is considered a very important issue in contemporary research and...
Authors: John T. Agee, Andrew Obok Opok, Marie de Lazzer
Abstract:Solar energy is increasingly becoming a significant component in the energy profiles of several tropical nations. This paper discusses...
Authors: Elkanah Oyetunji, Ayodeji E. Oluleye
Abstract:This paper focuses on the problem of scheduling n jobs with release dates on a single machine in order to minimize the total completion...
Authors: U.J. Udosen
Abstract:A computerized approach as opposed to a manual approach provides a fast and easy way of generating various workplace layouts in situ and...
Authors: J.O. Ajaefobi, R.H. Weston
Abstract:Over more than two decades the authors and their research colleagues have investigated different ways of using enterprise, simulation and...
Authors: J.O. Ehiorobo, Henry A.P. Audu
Abstract:The Niger Delta Region, although the back bone of Nigerian economy, has been neglected by successive governments over time. There are no...
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