Advances in Materials and Systems Technologies

Volumes 18-19

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Authors: A.C. Igboanugo, E.Francis Ekhuemelo

Abstract: This study reports on the development in road traffic accidents in Nigeria since 1994. The preliminary survey took Edo state, one of the 36...

Authors: S.Y. Bassi

Abstract: To achieve meaningful and sustainable development of Africa, the continent must of necessity look inwards particularly in the areas of...

Authors: Samuel B. Adejuyigbe

Abstract: In this paper the author used his personal experience having passed through all the facets of technological education specializing in...

Authors: N. Hassiotis, G. Petropoulos, C. Hatzopoulos, N. Vaxevanidis

Abstract: In this study, the correlation between corrosion behaviour and formations, and topographic characteristics of machined surfaces of...

Authors: A.S. Adavbiele, L.A. Salami

Abstract: This study employed Computational Fluid Dynamics, CFD solution to configure the entire shape of the nozzle. The problems arising from the...

Authors: John A. Akpobi, P. Oboh

Abstract: This paper describes computer-aided-design software which accurately and efficiently designs internal combustion engine (I.C.) parts with...

Authors: A.C. Igboanugo, S. Amiebenomo

Abstract: There are several reasons why industrial engineers need to optimize process layout designs. This paper points out the justification and...

Authors: S.E. Ogbeide, C.O. Okieimen, O. Anyiador, V. Odukwe

Abstract: The design of a fixed bed adsorption unit using adsorbent produced from locally available palm kernel shell has been investigated using...

Authors: G.A. Badmus, N.A. Adeyemi, M. Ikheloa

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