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Authors: John U. Okoli, Tamuno K. Jinyemiema
Abstract:This devise addresses the inadequacies of providing a quick means of holding jobs of irregular shapes such as are encountered in small scale...
Authors: K.O. Obahiagbon, G.B. Olowojoba
Abstract:The distribution of heavy metals in leachates from a waste dumpsite was investigated. Soil samples were taken from a major dumpsite in Edo...
Authors: C. Mbohwa, G. Manjera
Abstract:Plastic carrier bags have gained popularity with Zimbabwean shoppers since they provide convenient carriage of groceries and related goods....
Authors: C. Mbohwa, B. Zvigumbu
Abstract:Estimates of weight of general refuse generated in this country’s major cities vary, but in Harare it is estimated at above 823 000 tonnes,...
Authors: S.J. Ojolo, R.R. Dinrifo, K.B. Adesuyi
Abstract:In this work, a comparative study of biogas production from poultry droppings, cattle dung, kitchen waste, fruit waste and vegetable waste...
Authors: F.A. Aisien, U.F. Akakasiaka, O.G. Otoibhi, E.T. Aisien
Abstract:The search for alternative sources of energy from organic waste has been on in Nigeria. This report focuses on a simple design, fabrication...
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