Advanced Materials and Processing

Volumes 26-28

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Zhi Guo Fan, Chao Ying Xie

Abstract: The initial coarse grains of Ti-50.9at%Ni alloy were refined into submicron grains, small than 0.5 um in size, after eight passes Equal...

Authors: M.G. Lee, J.G. Choi, Heon Young Kim, R.H. Wagoner, June Key Lee

Abstract: Springback has been measured under various process conditions corresponding to those found in real press-stamping operations. The draw bend...

Authors: S. Akramov, In Soo Kim, No Jin Park
Authors: Dong Ok Kim, Dong Woo Shin, Young Sik Yoon, Yong Mun Ryu, Beom Suck Han

Abstract: Many researches of automotive companies have focused on reducing weight of vehicles in order to meet the needs for high fuel efficiency....

Authors: Chang Gil Lee, Sung Joon Kim, Heung Nam Han, Kwan Soo Chung

Abstract: Formability and mechanical property of Al sheets whose surface was locally modified by the concept of SFJ (Surface Friction Joining) were...

Authors: Naoki Ishida, Daisuke Terada, Keizo Kashihara, Nobuhiro Tsuji

Abstract: The sheet of pure Al (99.99%) single crystal having (1 12)[110] orientation was deformed up to equivalent strain of 6.4 by the accumulative...

Authors: Jae Seol Lee, Hyeon Taek Son, Ki Yong Lee, Soon Sub Park, Dae Guen Kim, Jung Chan Bae

Abstract: AZ31 Mg / 5083 Al clad sheet was fabricated by the hot rolling method and its mechanical properties were investigated in this study. The...

Authors: Taro Maekawa, Hiromoto Kitahara, Nobuhiro Tsuji

Abstract: Microstructures and mechanical properties of Fe-15wt.%Cr-10wt.%Ni alloy ARB processed by various cycles were studied. The starting material...

Authors: Hyouk Chon Kwon, Taek Kyun Jung, Jang Won Kang, H.J. Lee, K.H. Kim, Sung Chul Lim, H.S. Lee

Abstract: This paper described extrudability and bonding strength of copper (TPC) clad aluminum alloy (pure Al, Al3003, Al5005, and Al7072)...

Authors: Hiroshi Fujiwara, Masashi Nakatani, Yasuro Iwahashi, Kei Ameyama

Abstract: Mechanical milled SUS316L stainless steel powder is applied to hot roll sintering (HRS) process. Microstructure and mechanical properties...


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