Advanced Materials and Processing

Volumes 26-28

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jeong Hun Nam, Seung Sik Lee, Soon Jong Yoon, Dong Min Ok, Ju Bum Kim

Abstract: This paper presents the results of experimental and analytical investigations on the behavior of GFRP pipes used in the water supply...

Authors: Seung Joe Yoon, Soo Yeon Seo, Woo Jin Lee

Abstract: Researches until now about recycled aggregate have mainly focused on illuminating physical properties and mechanical behaviors of recycled...

Authors: Duangdao Aht-Ong, Chiravoot Pechyen, Duangduen Atong

Abstract: A regression model was constructed to elucidate the effects of various additives on the UV- stability of glass fiber reinforced epoxy (GRE)...

Authors: Chang Kyu Kim, Chang Young Son, Dae Jin Ha, Tae Sik Yoon, Sung Hak Lee

Abstract: Powder injection molding (PIM) process was applied to Fe-based metamorphic alloy powders, and microstructure, hardness, and wear resistance...

Authors: Ho Sung Lee, Jong Hoon Yoon, Yeong Moo Yi, Dong Hyuk Shin

Abstract: It is well known that the utilization of superplastic characteristics in manufacturing process makes many of aerospace components lighter...

Authors: Syed Humail Islam, Xuan Hui Qu, M. Tufail

Abstract: In this study, the effect of various binders’ compositions on the feedstock of pre-alloyed tungsten heavy alloys (WHAs) powders has been...

Authors: Hong Zhen Guo, Zhang Long Zhao, Bin Wang, Ze Kun Yao, Ying Ying Liu

Abstract: In this paper the effect of isothermal forging process parameters on the microstructure and the mechanical properties of TA15 titanium...

Authors: Ha Guk Jeong, Woo Jin Kim

Abstract: An asymmetrical rolling of AZ31 alloy sheets was carried out at 473 K with a high reduction ratio of 70% in thickness prior to...

Authors: Chun Hua Hui, Ting Ju Li, Wen Zhong Jin

Abstract: In order to improve the quality of tin-phosphor bronze strips, the horizontal electromagnetic continuous casting technology, i.e. imposing...

Authors: Zhi Guo Fan, Chao Ying Xie

Abstract: Ultrafine-grained (UFG) CP Ti were successfully prepared by Equal Channel Angular Extrusion (ECAE) at 390°C~400°C, small than 0.5 um in...


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