Advanced Materials and Processing

Volumes 26-28

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hee Jung Lee, Seung Min Hyun, Hak Joo Lee, Dae Geun Choi, Dong Il Lee, Eung Sug Lee

Abstract: The reliable reproducibility of nano patterns or other nano structures is one of many issues in the nano-imprint lithography process. An...

Authors: Sang Joo Lee, Seung Min Hyun, Seung Woo Han, Hak Joo Lee, Jang Hyun Kim, Young Il Kim

Abstract: Mechanical behavior of small size materials has been explored due to many industry applications such as MEMs and semiconductors. The...

Authors: Hyun Chul Cho, Hun Jang, Byoung Koo Kim, In Sup Kim, Chang Heui Jang

Abstract: The low cycle fatigue tests of SA508 Gr.1a low alloy steel in 310oC deoxygenated water were conducted to investigate the effect of cyclic...

Authors: K. Motoike, S. Hirano, H. Yamana, Tetsuhiko Onda, T. Maeda, Motozo Hayakawa

Abstract: The effect of the processing conditions of dolomite powders on the antiviral activity was studied against H5N3 avian influenza virus. When...

Authors: Ji Hyun Yoon, Jong Man Lee, Maan Won Kim, Bong Sang Lee

Abstract: The effect of the temperature and microstructure on the fatigue crack growth behaviors of two microstucturally different AISI type 347...

Authors: Ki Woung Sung, Hyun Il Seo, Uh Chul Kim, Wan Young Maeng

Abstract: In the nuclear power plants (NPPs), wall thinning of the piping materials is generally caused by a flow-accelerated corrosion (FAC) and...

Authors: Hong Dan Zhang, Xiao Ping Zou, Jin Cheng, Fei Li, Peng Fei Ren

Abstract: Carbon nanotubes and carbon nanowires were synthesized by ethanol catalytic combustion (ECC) technique, using FeCl3 solution as a catalyst...

Authors: Kuk Cheol Kim, Byung Hoon Kim, Jin Ik Suk, Dong Soo Kim, Jeong Tae Kim

Abstract: The demand for ultra supercritical (USC) power plants has increased due to the need for high thermal efficiency and reduced CO2 emissions....

Authors: Won Beom Kim, Jeom Kee Paik

Abstract: In this research, corrosion fatigue tests using tensile strength of 490MPa TMCP steel were performed in synthetic seawater condition to...

Authors: Doo Song Gil, Yeon Shik Ahn, Sang Ki Park

Abstract: Reliability evaluation of the welded structure is divided by method concentrating on defect and mechanical property. Thermal power plant...


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