Materials and Design

Volumes 284-286

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xiu Li Han, Chang Cun Li, Li Na Liu, Run Ming Feng

Abstract: Researched on the low carbon steel by mineral component ore phase structure of mould powder and its slag film under optical microscope. The...

Authors: Chin Chuan Hsu, Ho Hua Chung

Abstract: The maximum nonmetallic inclusion size and void of bearing steel has been analyzed using statistics of extreme values (SEV) in this study,...

Authors: Norie Akeel, Zainuddin Sajuri, Ahmad Kamal Ariffin, Mohamed M. Abdulrazzaq

Abstract: This paper discusses the effect of different loading analysis on crack initiation life of wheel/rail in the contact region. A simulated...

Authors: M. Abdul Razzaq, Kamal A. Ariffin, Ahmed El Shafie, Shahrum Abdullah, Z. Sajuri, N.A. Akeel

Abstract: Artificial intelligence (AI) techniques and in particular, adaptive neural networks (ANN) have been commonly used in order to Fatigue life...

Authors: Li Xia Zhu, Xiao Dong He, Xin Li Han, Ting Ting Qu

Abstract: The morphological changes, dimension and distribution of M/A constituent in different region of X80 acicular ferrite pipeline steel were...

Authors: Xiang Dong Huo, Sheng Xia Lv, Xin Ping Mao, Qi Lin Chen

Abstract: New 700MPa hot rolled ultra-high strength steels were successfully developed by using Ti micro-alloying technology in CSP line. Experimental...

Authors: Yu Zhu Zhang, Su Ju Hao, Wu Feng Jiang, Yue Long

Abstract: Lower sulfur content is absolutely necessary for high value-added quality steel, so it is required to reduce sulfur content of product in...

Authors: Feng Gong Li, Bo Wang, Dong Ping Zhan, Zhou Hua Jiang, Sheng Ping He, Qian Wang

Abstract: In this paper, tundish flux system for high Al TRIP steel’s slab casting was studied. Firstly the thermodynamical calculation of...

Authors: Hai Chuan Wang, Wei Sun, Jian Jun Wang, Jie Lie, Kai Zhong Wang, Jian Wu, Bin Zhao

Abstract: Based on the actual process for smelting cold heading steel, this article adopts the single-slag process to smelt the low-carbon,...

Authors: Jing Pei Xie, Yong Rang Zhao, Ai Qin Wang, Wen Yan Wang, Ji Wen Li, Di Xin Yang, Ke Feng Zhang, Dou Qin Ma

Abstract: The influences of non-mentallic inclusions on the quality and properties of the steel are depended not only on the quantity of inclusions,...


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