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Authors: Chun Feng, Bing Zhe Bai, Yan Kang Zheng
Iron and Steel
Abstract:The effect of 0.06%Nb on the microstructure and mechanical properties of grain boundary allotriomorphic ferrite (FGBA) / granular...
Authors: Ke Liu, Zhan Guang Han, Jia Quan Zhang
Iron and Steel
Abstract:Ovality defect of round bloom castings is the haunting defect of demanding grades steel, which can be attributed to excessive mechanical...
Authors: Chuan Bo Ji, Xiao Chuan Lin, Jing She Li
Iron and Steel
Abstract:There are many serious problems are directly associated with the flow pattern in the mold in the continuous casting of steel process. The...
Authors: Lei Lei Zhang, Deng Fu Chen, Qiang Liu, Min Zhang, Xin Xie, De Hong Luo
Iron and Steel
Abstract:Flow control devices (weir and dam) in a continuous casting tundish are very important to the flow field, which influences the temperature...
Authors: Rong Zhu, Xiu Rong Bi, Ming Lv, Run Zao Liu, Xiang Bao
Iron and Steel
Abstract:Based on difference of Mn,Fe and Mo vapor pressure,Fe-Mn,Fe-Mo alloys were added into induction furnace and steelmaking dust was collected...
Authors: Cheng Jun Liu, Hong Liang Liu, Chun Long Li, Mao Fa Jiang
Iron and Steel
Abstract:The effects and mechanism of cerium, lanthanum and cerium-lanthanum alloys on microstructure and the impact toughness of high-carbon steel...
Authors: Xin Zhang, Yi Xiong, Rong Hui He, Zhi Qiang Li, Ya Wei Lin
Iron and Steel
Abstract:Under different deformation temperatures and strain rates, the thermal deformation process of Cu-P weathering steel was studied using...
Authors: Zhao Cai Wang, Man Sheng Chu, Shi Qiang Chen, Zheng Gen Liu, Jue Tang, Xiang Xin Xue
Iron and Steel
Abstract:The metallurgical properties of oxidized pellets are of great importance to achieve high efficiency and smooth running of blast furnace and...
Authors: Jie Li, Bao Wei Li, Lei Wang, Shao Bing Wang
Iron and Steel
Abstract:In this article, the microwave magnetizing roast process of three kinds of Bayan Obo ore of different Fe-grades were studied experimentally,...
Authors: Xing Feng Mao, Kai Ming Wu, Lian Deng Yao, Zi Gang Li
Iron and Steel
Abstract:The effects of process parameters on microstructural evolution and grain refinement are determined in a Nb-Ti microalloyed high strength dual...
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